Air Compressors and

The 3-CDC-type air compressor is a two-stage, air-cooled reciprocating model developed primarily for use on diesel locomotives. Manufactured by WABCO Locomotive Products, a Wabtec company, this compressor is suitable for service against 140 psi and can be operated at speeds of 250 to 1,100 rpm when adequate cooling air is provided. This range of speeds permits the compressor to be directly connected to the main engine crankshaft of such locomotives. Features of the 3-CDC air compressor include four valve heads (two inlet and two discharge), lightweight aluminum intercooler and optional high-capacity fan.

The 3-CDCLA aftercooler is designed as an alternative, efficient and cost-effective way to precipitate moisture from compressed air systems. The multi-finned aftercooler provides significantly improved heat-transfer characteristics when applied directly to the 3-CD-type air-cooled air compressors. The aftercooler assembly concentrates cooling air generated from the fan to the aftercooler fins, cooling the hot, humid, compressed air from the compressor to near-ambient temperatures. This cooled-down, drier air means less moisture is carried into the brake equipment, thus reducing the incidence of brake equipment freeze-ups and malfunctions, leading to increased brake equipment reliability, reduced maintenance and less locomotive downtime. The aftercooler can be applied to new OEM compressors or can be retrofitted to existing 3-CD-type compressors. Unlike conventional air dryers, maintenance is virtually eliminated as the aftercooler has no moving parts to maintain.



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