ELX-S Empty and Load

This device is a diaphragm-actuated, self-contained unit to be mounted on the slope sheet of bulk commodity cars. Car loading is detected directly when the bulk load depresses a reinforced rubber diaphragm in the slope sheet, causing the unit to change from an empty to a loaded brake position. The ELX-S includes variable proportioning that further reduces brake cylinder pressure when higher brake pipe pressures are used and during emergency brake applications. This feature permits optimum braking on empty cars when used in train operations under varying brake pipe pressure conditions. The ELX-S features a self-resetting lockout button that simplifies single-car testing while ensuring that the device automatically resets when the brake pipe is recharged. It is available in 50 percent or 60 percent capacity versions, along with a newly approved 40 percent capacity version to accommodate ultra-lightweight heavy haul cars.



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