Wabtec’s Electronic Train Management System (ETMS) integrates new technology with existing train control and operating systems to enhance train operation safety. ETMS helps prevent track authority violations, speed limit violations and unauthorized entry into work zones – all of which reduce the potential for train accidents. With ETMS, the crew remains in control of the train. The system monitors and ensures the crew’s compliance with all operating instructions, while the ETMS screen-based display provides the train crew with a wealth of operating information. As the train moves down the track, the ETMS computer – with the aid of an onboard geographic database and global positioning system – continuously calculates warning and braking curves based on all relevant train and track information, including speed, location, movement authority, speed restrictions, work zones and consist restrictions. ETMS also queries wayside devices for broken rails, proper switch alignment and signal aspects. All of this information is combined and analyzed in real time to provide a “safety net” for improved train operation.

> Communications-Based Train Management (CBTM)
> Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Braking