Board of Directors

Albert J. Neupaver
Wabtec Corporation

William E. Kassling
Lead Director
Wabtec Corporation

Emilio A. Fernandez
Vice Chairman
Wabtec Corporation

Raymond T. Betler
President and Chief Executive Officer
Wabtec Corporation

Stéphane Rambaud-Measson
Chief Operating Officer
Wabtec Corporation

Philippe Alfroid
Former Chief Operating Officer
Essilor International

Robert J. Brooks
Former Chief Financial Officer
Wabtec Corporation

Erwan Faiveley
President and Chairman
Financiere Faiveley, S.A.

Lee B. Foster II
L.B. Foster Co.

Linda S. Harty
Former Vice President and Treasurer
Medtronic plc

Brian P. Hehir
Former Vice Chairman, Investment Banking
Merrill Lynch

Michael W. D. Howell
Former Chief Executive Officer
Transport Initiatives Edinburgh Limited

Nickolas W. Vande Steeg
Former President
Parker Hannifin Corporation