Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company IFDS-R


IFDS-R is an innovative system for fire detection and fire suppression activation for railway applications (rail and metro) and tunnel systems; the IR sensor analysis with infrared cameras is a technology that doesn’t measure temperature, but discovers energy in infrared band. IFDS-R offers several advantages against traditional systems: very fast detection, capability to recognize false threats, capability to localize the exact fire position, simple maintenance and installation.

westinghouse air brake technologies company SGM


The maintenance management system SGM can manage all system mistakes. It is a very useful tool for a preventive and corrective maintenance of complex systems like those used by railways companies. SGM is ready for use, already customized and optimized for Enterprise Asset Management. SGM is also suitable for those companies with Maintenance Outsourcing, providing the complete and detailed control of activities and costs.

westinghouse air brake technologies company SmiR™


SMIR is the smart infrared array detector specifically designed for early and reliable detection of fire events in rolling stock application and tunnel systems. This device allows easy installation and maintenance by mean of a pre wired base and plug-in type head sensor. Ceiling mounting allows for a wide field of view and to track incoming fire events wherever they are located in the monitored area.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Water Mist

Water Mist

Water Mist type fire extinguisher system with safety integrity level of up to 2 (SIL-2). WM is a system suitable for protection of passenger areas on rolling stock and has been designed in compliance with pertinent requirements, including ARGE Guideline and Tested and certified UNI 11565-2014 (UNIFER U94.02.057.0).