About Us

Axiom Rail is a maintenance service provider to the rail freight and general transportation industries. As a modern socially aware company Axiom Rail is fully committed to supporting the environmental requirements and policies of the UK government and its agencies.
Axiom Rail is mindful of both the social and commercial commitments required to comply with this policy statement and further places emphasis on the company and its manager in upholding its reputation for environmental responsibilities.
It is recognised that within the range of services provided by Axiom Rail and its customers that there are general workplace environmental issues. Furthermore Axiom Rail is conscious of the potential effects such services have on the environment and endeavours to minimise any such risks as is reasonably practicable.
Axiom Rail is committed to developing improved environmental management systems through working with customers and suppliers alike in developing common improvement goals. Such goals will be jointly developed and in keeping of the objectives of ISO 14001.
In fulfilling this commitment Axiom Rail has identified the requirements set out in ISO 14001 as its goal. In doing so it is recognised that sharing knowledge and information, setting realistic targets and investing in the training of staff is fundamental to the success of any such policy.
Axiom Rail’s environmental policy statement is reviewed and reissued on an annual basis.
The following of safety requirements at Axiom Rail is not an option; it's mandatory:
Axiom Rail a safe operator and caring employer, attaching major importance to the health, safety and welfare of the its employees, wherever they are required to perform their duties and conducting its operations in a safe manner.
This also applies to contractors used by Axiom Rail, staff employed by customers who interact with Axiom Rail services and other persons who may be affected by the activities undertaken by Axiom Rail.
Axiom Rail has an established a set of rules and standards to ensure the safety of its operations. These rules and standards are continually assessed in order to seek continuous improvement. Axiom Rail has recently attained OHSAS18001 accreditation as part of it’s commitment to its safety culture. In enacting these rules and standards, Axiom Rail requires its employees to comply with these safety rules. This compliance is not an option and 100% rule compliance is mandatory.
Axiom Rail is committed to the continued improvement of safety.