About Us

Axiom Rail Freight has a long history in freight railway engineering culminating in its specialisation in the development of innovative track friendly bogies and suspensions.
The track access costs incurred by operators on the GB network incentivised many operators to look for ways to directly reduce these costs and so Track Friendly products were developed to meet these needs.
While the track access was the initial driver, these bogies have benefit from low running costs, not just due to the track access costs but in optimised passive steering and reduced bogie wear. The modular design also means that servicing costs and downtime can be minimised.
The first bogies using the track friendly banner were introduced circa 1999, so now have over 20 years of heavy service with over 7000 bogies of its flagship TF25 bogie in operation on the GB network. This bogie uses both viscous damping and metalastic components to achieve an optimised suspension characteristic that can be tuned for a particular application. We therefore have a highly innovative freight bogie with a proven record for maintenance and performance through its life. Axiom Rail have also developed a version of the TF25 for the continental market which has TSI approval and established running dynamic approval.
Axiom Rail Freight are also active in the Scandinavian market, developing 2-axle suspensions that have operation speeds of 160km/h and 25t AMIII broad gauge bogies.
In addition to new build Axiom Rail Freight supports its wagon fleet with supply agreements with major customers for both spares and overhauls. It has a number of supply chain partners such as wheel suppliers and close links with its Wabtec sister companies to fully support all our customer’s operational requirements.
Why choose Axiom Rail Freight suspension systems?

  • Low maintenance costs
  • High axle loads
  • Low noise
  • High speeds
  • Freight friendliness
  • Track friendliness