Since 1946, Bach-Simpson™ has manufactured instrumentation and custom control electronics. Bach-Simpson started as a manufacturer of rugged, mechanical meters and soon became the supplier of choice for electro-mechanical instrumentation that could withstand the harsh conditions found in the rail environment. With the acquisition of Aeroquip’s “Barco” rail electronics division in 1990, Bach-Simpson was quickly recognized as a leader in railroad on-board electronic systems.
Bach-Simpson™ is a pioneer of cutting edge Event Recorder technologies and is a part of many firsts in the industry. We were the first rail supplier to produce an event recorder with no moving parts (solid-state memory rather than magnetic tape). We were the first to network an Event Recorder with a Monitoring and Diagnostic System (Priority Alarm) over existing trainlines. Our involvement in FRA and IEEE standards groups led to the production of the first IEEE 1482.1-1999 compliant event recorder with a Crash Hardened Memory Module. A Bach-Simpson Event Recorder was the first to be installed in a subway system with a Crash Hardened Memory Module. We are the first North American supplier to develop an interface to the TCN-MVB communication protocol.
In 2010, Bach-Simpson™ became a Division of Wabtec™, providing a world-wide presence for Bach-Simpson™. You will find Bach-Simpson instrumentation and control equipment throughout North America and other countries world-wide. To date, Bach-Simpson and the Wabtec Railway Electronics group has provided over 40,000 Event Recorder Systems.