Wabtec Bach-Simpson Event Recorder

1 - Event Recorder

Meets and exceeds FRA, IEEE, GM/RT and EEIG crash protection standards
Today's rail transportation industry is more dynamic and complex than ever before. Rail transport companies are rapidly adopting high-tech solutions to help manage and maintain their fleet. Event data recording is a very effective solution that has been deployed throughout the rail transportation industry. Recording vehicle data is essential to operating and...

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Wabtec Corp Analog Speed Indicator Locomotive

Analog Speed Indicator

This solid-state speed indicator maintains a traditional analog presentation, yet incorporates the accuracy of microprocessor control allowing constant display accuracy to be maintained. It is designed for the harsh and rugged environments of locomotives and other rail vehicles. Our analog indicator is interchangeable with the electrical connections and mounting brackets of older analog models, which makes this unit a convenient and economical...

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Wabtec Corp Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE)

Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE)

Bach-Simpson™ Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE) provides a combination of automatically sequenced and manually selected electrical signal stimulation to an electronic unit under test. The system simulates the normal and threshold operational ranges of each of the inputs and communication channels of the test unit. The BTE utilizes an electronic control system based on a PC computer mounted inside a portable metal "rack"...

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Wabtec Products Auto Ground Protection Relay Reset (AGPRR)

Automatic Ground Protection Relay Reset (AGPRR)

The Automatic Ground Protection Relay Reset or AGPRR, is designed to provide an automatic means of resetting a locomotive Ground Protection Relay (GPR) under temporary fault conditions, and to lock the GPR out when the fault is of a more permanent nature and might be potentially damaging to the locomotive electrical system. The device is designed for protection against electrical transients, and for...

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Wabtec Corp Freight Products Axle Alternator

Axle Alternator

The Bach-Simpson™ Axle Alternator is designed to translate the rotational speed of a locomotive or transit vehicle wheel and axle into an electrical signal, which represents the linear ground speed of the conveyance. The Axle Alternator is mounted on the locomotive or car truck journal box by means of an adapter and is driven by the axle through a flexible connector or pegbar. The signal produced can be used by speed-actuated devices such as locomotive speed...

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Wabtec Locomotive Products Digital Speed Indicator

Digital Speed Indicator

Microprocessor controlled, this speed indicator provides an accurate speed display at a low cost. Available in both panel and base-mount versions, each maintains the reliability and rugged performance our customers expect from Bach-Simpson™. Both styles of speed indicators are designed for use in railroad locomotives and other rail and transit vehicle applications. Other features include auto display dimming, variable wheel-size selection and...

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Wabtec Locomotive Products Doppler Speed Sensor

Doppler Speed Sensor

Bach-Simpson's™ Doppler Speed Sensor is a reliable and field service proven system with no moving parts. With no connection to the vehicle axle, there is no need for wheel size adjustments to produce a true ground speed signal. The sensor is mounted and wired independently from the truck to simplify routine truck maintenance tasks. Its ease of application and operational features make this speed sensing system second to none. The sensor is mounted under...

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Wabtec locomotive products Electronic Transition Control (TCP)

Electronic Transition Control (TCP)

Bach-Simpson's™ precise, speed actuated control of locomotive transition, comes in a compact easy-to-maintain package and is a replacement to the Aeroquip/Barco Transition Panels. This Transition Control Panel is a digital configuration providing flexibility by allowing the user to adjust the programmed settings of the device to suit the particular application, allowing for the use of only one product to support multiple...

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Wabtec Locomotive Products Engine Temperature Controller

Engine Temperature Controller

Bach-Simpson™ electronic temperature controls are designed to replace mechanical switches used on locomotives. Accuracy and reliability of the solid-state circuitry improves fuel efficiency, increases fan life and decreases maintenance costs. Features of the unit include interchangeable probes requiring no calibration, which makes for fast and simple installation. Options include status display, fan rotation and programmable...

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Wabtec westinghouse air brake tech locomotive products Isolation Amplifier

Isolation Amplifier

A rugged, solid-state device which allows single speed inputs to drive separate electronic, instruments without crosstalk or interference. Impact and water resistant, this product is designed to stand up to the tough railroad environment. Compatible with both passive and active axle alternators, our amplifier removes speed signal distortion and reduces axle alternator loading. Options include four inputs and four outputs with fan-out configurations of 1:1...

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Wabtec Corporation Locomotive Transit Model 7 Speed Verifier

Model 7 Speed Verifier

The Model 7 Verifier is a portable unit that provides a quick, accurate and foolproof means of checking and calibrating the operation of speed-dependent equipment, such as speed indicators, event recorders, transition controllers etc. Following a simple menu driven display, the proper functioning of a speed-dependent system can be “verified” throughout its complete range of operation. The Model 7 Verifier is programmable for nearly all-possible...

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westinghouse air brake tech locomotive products Odometer


The odometer is a non-resettable, electronic device to count and display the total number of miles accumulated (in either direction) by the vehicle. The odometer registers miles to the nearest mile and has eight digits. The odometer receives an electrical signal from a passive speed sensor. The number of teeth on the sensing gear determines the number of pulses per revolution (PPR). The pulse count is accumulated to determine the number of wheel revolutions. The average wheel...

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Wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive products Priority Alarm System (PAS)

Priority Alarm System (PAS)

The Bach-Simpson™ Priority Alarm System (PAS) provides a means of monitoring abnormal conditions in the cars of a passenger train that could affect human and/or equipment safety. The PAS signals train crew members when situations arise that require a high-priority response such as a fire in a car, an open door while the train is moving, dragging brake equipment or, most importantly, a call for help by a passenger in need of emergency...

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Wabtec rail group locomotive products Remote Download Port (RDP)

Remote Download Port (RDP)

Bach-Simpson's™ Download Port (RDP) combines a Remote Download Port with the ease of USB data extraction. No longer are you restricted in Event Recorder location, the RDP can be positioned for the operator's convenience. The Remote Download Port replicates the Portable Test Equipment interface to provide all diagnostic, setup and download functions. The RDP also removes the requirement for a laptop when extracting Event Recorder data. Simply...

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wabtec westinghouse air brake Traction Motor Current Monitor

Traction Motor Current Monitor (TMC)

Provides an interface device that makes it possible to record traction motor current whether the locomotive is in a power mode or in dynamic braking. The analog form of the recorded information is representative of traction motor current as indicated by the locomotive load meter. It can be reviewed along with speed and other recorded data as an analysis of train operation. The Monitor is a rugged, reliable electronic device...

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Wabtec locomotive products Train Monitoring System (TMS)

Train Monitoring System (TMS)

Integrated within the platform is an Alerter or Train Monitoring System (TMS). This device ensures operator vigilance at all times. The TMS examines the engineer's control handling actions and will automatically bring the train to a stop should the engineer become incapacitated or unable to perform normal duties. The TMS system requires a train handling control action to reset an internal timer that is speed dependent. The reset signal...

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Wabtec locomotive products Traxsyte Network Video Recorder

Traxsyte Network Video Recorder (NVR)

The TraxSyte® System integrates Bach-Simpson’s™ FRA and IEEE 1482.1 compliant Event Recorder with Bach-Simpson’s solid state Digital Video Recorder; TraxSyte. Bach-Simpson’s TraxSyte combines “driver view” video, exterior vehicle audio with synchronized Event Recorder data to aid accident investigations. This combination of data shows what was occurring before the incident took place, what actions the driver took, and the...

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