One of the largest producers of industrial cooling systems in the world, Bearward Engineering, a Wabtec company, manufactures cooling systems to suit a variety of engines globally. Newly semi-automated premises, decades of experience and heavy investment in the latest technology have contributed to Bearward’s worldwide reputation as an expert in the market.
Founded in 1958, Bearward Engineering has occupied premises in Northampton, UK since its formation – one of these being in Bearward Street, the site of bear baiting pits during the Middle Ages. Today, Bearward occupies a 40’000 square metre site at Main Road, Far Cotton, Northampton, UK. Bearward is a major supplier to the generator set market and a key supplier to Oil and Gas, Off highway, Rail, off shore markets also – all ranging in sizes from 50kW to 3.5mW.
Rapid expansion through the years of 1999 – 2009, followed with customer requirements for Bearward to spread its global footprint to assist with local requirements. To make this happen in 2011, Bearward joined Wabtec – combining with the cooling group of Young Touchstone and Unifin.
Being part of the Cooling group within Wabtec, Bearward has solid, global foundations for growth and ability to achieve the mission statement “to ensure through a process of continual improvement and reduction of lifetime costs, to become the manufacturer of choice for industrial cooling systems.”
With over 50 years of producing radiators for simple and complex installations, Bearward have huge experience working with the end users and understanding their needs to provide cooling solutions, which offer the very best long life, and lowest total cost. To make this possible Bearward developed the innovative and unique, ‘Sectional’ cooling system. The sectional cooling system allows for low cost serviceability for radiators no matter of size or location. This allows the ability to maintain the cooling system to an as new condition, which improves cooling performance and maintains engine performance for life.
The ‘Sectional’, cores can be produced in Copper Brass, Aluminum or Cuprobraze® technology. The sectional core allows very large radiators to be built using smaller modules, they are fitted into steel frames which can have a variety of finishes dependent upon end user requests, these may include Galvanizing, C5 Marine paint, stainless or any other specialized finish.