About Us

Brecknell Willis is specialized in the field of electrification/traction for all types of transportation systems including tramways, metros and railways. The company's capability covers the design, manufacture, supply, testing, installation and maintenance of the following products:

  • Pantographs and Third Rail Current Collectors for all types of applications
  • Conductor Rail Systems and ancillary products
  • Light Rail Overhead Systems
  • Industrial current collection and cabling handling systems

The company has been operating from Chard, Somerset, since 1938 which has been developed over the decades to incorporate the most advanced manufacturing facilities required for this specialist industry.
Henry Brecknell and Sons began trading in 1854. In 1894 the company moved into the electrification business and in 1895 gained the first major contract for the initial stage of the Bristol Tramway. This was the first contract to include every aspect of providing electric 'power on the move'.
Within the 240-strong workforce Brecknell Willis has a strong engineering team to support its world-wide innovation activities in Railway Electrification. The team is able to take projects from the initial outline design stage through prototyping, testing and trials on the client's railway. In addition, a proportion of the activities are long term research and development projects.
Brecknell Willis is a part of the Fandstan Group which is owned by the Wabtec Corporation, USA. Brecknell Willis has sister companies in Germany, Australia, America, Hongkong, India and UK and also have offices in Taiwan and a subsidiary manufacturing company in China. The company is a member of the British Standards Institute and certified to ISO 9000-2008, IRIS, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS 18001.