Wabtec Power Generation Products Conductor Rail

Conductor Rail

Faiveley Brecknell Willis are specialists in the field of electrification.  Our conductor rail features a hard wearing stainless steep cap which is attached to a highly conductive aluminium by a patented welding process. The result is an excellent electrical adhesion between the two metals and a firm mechanical attachment which eliminates all chance of separation of the capping. The aluminium is protected from any arc damage in the vicinity of the collector shoes by a wrap-around portion of the cap.
The conductor rail can be arranged for the current collector to pick up current as a top-running, under-running or side-running system. Faiveley Brecknell Willis designs and supplies all the parts needed for a complete conductor rail system including ramps, expansion joints, insulator supports, cable connections, flexible traction cables, and off-load switchgear.

Wabtec Power Generation Products Light Rail Overhead Systems

Light Rail Overhead Systems

The Faiveley Brecknell Willis design team will create an aesthetically pleasing overhead system with conception design drawings from first principle through to detail parts. Years of experience enables us to provide interface management with local authorities, railway inspectors, local utilities and emergency services, as well as the civil contractor, and of course, the client.
Most of the components are manufactured in-house under ISO9001 standards.  Our fully competent installation and commissioning teams ensure that Brecknell Willis can offer a comprehensive overhead systems package.  A maintenance contract for a newly completed system is also available.
Our scope of supply includes the following:
Traction Poles: A range of designs are available with round, tapered or 'H' cross sections
Overhead Wire: Several standard sections, single or twin, catenary or trolley suspension

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wabtec global services transit car products Pantographs


Faiveley Brecknell Willis design and manufacture pantographs for Light Rail, Tram, EMU and High Speed trains.  With our interface expertise we are able to provide an optimum design for individual overhead system requirements. Many variants are available, they include …

  • Spring operated actuation with either manual retract, electrically raised, air raised, air lowered and latched, or actuation by direct air operation
  • Aerodynamic trimming capability
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic frame damping
  • 3 or 4 point mounting
  • Autodrop devices and inertial OHLE fault detectors
  • Manual override systems for pneumatic and electric actuators
  • Contact strip material to meet requirements (carbon preferred)
  • Mounting and air feed insulators
  • Interchangeability with existing units
  • Other special features and devices custom designed to meet special requirements

Colours to suit requirements, over 100 BW paint specifications...

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Wabtec Transit Car Products Third Rail Current Collectors

Third Rail Current Collectors

Faiveley Brecknell Willis specialise in both interface products of a conductor rail system and provide the perfect design for the correct collector/rail combination.  This is an important part in the achievement of good current collection. Our strong engineering design team use the following parameters to assure optimum performance in all applications

  • Minimum dynamic mass
  • Minimum friction
  • Frangible construction

Advantages of our designs are …

  • Higher traction power efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced arc damage at the working interface
  • Maximum life of wearing components on both sides of the working interface (conductor rail and shoe)
  • Reduced electrical interference to auxiliary signalling and communications equipment

Designs options can include retractable or non-retractable and may be either mechanical (rope or lever), spring/gravity, electrical,...

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