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Custom Rubber Solutions

  • As a railway industry leader, Wabtec can custom engineer solutions to meet your needs
  • Wabtec's team has expertise in new product development, Patent Law, Computer Aided Design, and analysis

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Extruded Rubber Capabilities

  • Box Car Door Gaskets
  • Trough Cover Gaskets

westinghouse air brake tech products Gaskets & Seals

Gaskets & Seals

  • Economical OEM replacement gaskets and seals for EMD, GE, & Alcoengines
  • Premium OEM enhancements cut from proprietary materials such as Swellex™, which swells to a controlled maximum 30% of its original thickness to eliminate leak paths and Durogard™ seals to eliminate problems associated with cracked and hardened traditional sealing products
  • Also offering the Vector Oil Retention System to deflect oil back to the oil sump, inhibiting deck cover leaks

Diesel Locomotive Engine Traction Motor Covers

Traction Motor Covers

Duroguard Seals are designed to keep out snow, water, dirt and protect from overhaul to overhaul. Because there is no loss of air, maximum air goes through the engine.

  • Resists oil and ozone
  • Flexible from 50°F below to 245°F (snap off old / snap on new)
  • Covers and seals available as one
  • Prevents flash overs
  • Motors are cleaner and run cooler
  • Durox offers New and Repair & Return traction motor covers only, as well as complete assemblies
  • Choose from rubber or felt gasket seals

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Trough Cover Gaskets

  • Box Car Door Gaskets
  • Trough Cover Gaskets

wabtec westinghouse air brake Train Locomotive Products Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

  • For cab windows, doors, and number boards
  • Prevents moisture and air from entering the locomotive
  • Made from EPDM material for long-term use
  • A full range of in-line sections for body panel thickness 1/16" to 3/4", glass thickness 1/16" to 3/4"
  • A full range of off-line sections for body panel thickness 1/16" to 1?4", glass thickness 3/16" to 9/16"
  • Self lock and separate lock applications