F.I.P. Pty Ltd trading as FIP Brakes International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wabtec Corporation one of North America’s largest providers of value added, technology based products and services for the rail industry. FIP has over 60 years experience in Railway Friction Materials, exporting to over 15 countries by offering customized braking solutions to suit each customer's specific operational requirements.
Our Ongoing commitment to Research and Development has enabled us to provide our customers with technical solutions to their braking needs, reducing their operating costs and increasing rolling stock utilization. We offer products with High, Medium and Low friction characteristics including direct cast iron replacement, without compromising wheel life. Our friction materials can be used in Locomotive, freight and transit applications and DO NOT contain asbestos.
We are also back by the global technical resources of the Wabtec Friction Group, who are the largest supplier of railway braking materials in the world.