Fulmer Company - a Wabtec Company Export Pennsylvania

Located in Export, Pennsylvania, Fulmer Company is the largest North American manufacturer of brush holders and specialty-machined parts for DC/AC motors, generators, and alternators. Within Fulmer's 47,000-square-foot facilities, the company hosts a precision CNC machine shop with fabrication capabilities that include a spring shop and assembly department.
Fulmer prides itself on customer-focused world-class manufacturing, built on an extensive data base developed over our first seventy-five years of service. We have data for over 6,000 different types of AC and DC motor brush holders for numerous OEM and aftermarket applications. Fulmer Company’s engineering and technical expertise (ISO 9001-2008), along with MasterCam, SolidWorks & 3D Printing Capabilities are the cornerstones for the precision making of new and out-of-production brush holders and related parts. Additionally, Fulmer possesses a high quality, non-ferrous permanent mold foundry, Perma-Cast.