AC4400 and DASH Series

Proving its reliability and productivity in heavy-haul freight applications for more than a decade.


Wabtec’s AC44i locomotive is a heavy-haul locomotive specifically designed for the South American market. Equipped with 16-cylinder Wabtec FDL 16 engine, the AC44i can deliver up to 4,500 HP while helping to keep fuel consumption and emissions to a minimum. Thanks to its advanced AC individual axle traction control technology and high-performance dynamic braking, the AC44i locomotive is designed to efficiently and reliably deliver maximum traction effort and higher power, even in adhesion-limited conditions. The AC44i locomotive not only excels on difficult missions, but is also cost-efficient, designed to have longer maintenance intervals, extended overhaul intervals and higher availability.

Dash 9 - 40BBW

Wabtec’s Dash 9-40BBW locomotive is a heavy-haul locomotive specifically developed for narrow gauge railroads. The locomotive is equipped with a 16-cylinder Wabtec FDL 16 engine and eight driven axles, providing up to 4,100 HP and 367 KN of CTE. Additionally, the Dash 9-40BBW has micro-processed controls and dynamic brake, self-load, self-test and on-board diagnostic displays for improved locomotive performance.