Port Optimizer for Trucking Companies & Railroads

Port Optimizer for Trucking Companies and Railroads

Port Optimizer addresses  key challenges  of trucking companies and railroads, including: Unpredictable cargo flow impacting fleet efficiency and revenue, the neeed to improve visibility to ship arrival times and container details for improved planning, and reducing unproductive container movements to accelerate cargo velocity.  Features include:

Unified Information Portal - Digitizes disparate supply chain data into a single source of truth.  Dynamically updated; secure, channeled access.

Empty Container Management - Multi-terminal status of respective shipping lines’ accepting empty containers types and which shift.

Container Tracking -  Search container by unique number to access dwell time, type, weight, hazard class and current status.

Container Forecast Volume - Displays all containers at a terminal sorted by container size, type and truck vs. rail moves.

Vessel Forecast - Visibility to containers by size, type, local or rail destination for equipment management and resource planning.