Train Performance

Maximize train effectiveness and efficiency: Power distribution. Train handling. Brake control. Fuel utilization. Data collection and processing.

LOCOTROL® Distributed Power System

To meet the demand for longer, heavier trains — and provide efficient train handling — railroads are choosing advanced distributed power systems that enable remote control of locomotives in separate consists from the lead locomotive. Wabtec’s LOCOTROL® Distributed Power System is a proven control and communication system that enables coordinated braking and traction power distribution between lead and remote locomotives—for quicker brake applications and releases.

The result? Increased hauling capacity and throughput. Better rail adhesion. Improved fuel efficiency. Faster stopping times and shorter stopping distances. And reduced operating costs.

Trip Optimizer™ System

Wabtec’s Trip Optimizer™ System is an intelligent, fuel-saving cruise control for locomotives that optimizes fuel consumption based on a specific train’s make up and route traveled. The system calculates the optimum speed profile by considering factors such as train length, weight, and track profile, and then automatically controls throttle and dynamic brake accordingly.

The result: Sustainable fuel savings of 3-17% (depending on train weight, configuration, terrain, etc.), reduced emissions, and efficient train handling.

Remote Control Locomotive

Train Automation