Brush Holders by Gerken Group

Brush Holders

High quality, engineered brush-holders and replacement spring units for railway, industrial, power generation and wind energy applications.
Designed and manufactured for long, reliable service in the most arduous applications.

Carbon Brushes PanTrac Wabtec Company

Carbon Brushes

Carbon brushes for rotating equipment in railways, industry and power generation, including wind energy.
A huge range of grades proven in the most demanding applications.

Carbon Strips Wabtec Pantrac Products

Carbon Strips

Carbon strips for pantographs. Manufactured to the highest standards by Pantrac, our key manufacturing location in Germany. The preferred choice for leading rail systems worldwide. Our materials are proven to give long-life and reliable performance.

  • Low wear on the carbon material and overhead line
  • High-current carrying capacity and high temperature resistance
  • Lead-free metal impregnation of the coal marks for high and very high current loads (RH 84M6, RH 83M6, RH 85M6)
  • Connection between carbon profile and Al carrier by means of an electrically conductive adhesive
  • Electrically conducting adhesive connection temperature-resistant up to 250 ° C
  • Tested with short-circuit current of 30kA (half-wave 16 2/3 Hz)
  • Reliable automatic lowering system (ADD)
  • Reliable quality control (according to EN 50405)

Earth-return Units Wabtec Corp Products

Earth-Return Units

Gerken earth-return, or grounding, units are designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards - making them the approved choice on the some of the world's fastest and highest railway systems.
Gerken units were used on the TGV record-breaking high speed run - 574.8 km/h!

Linear Sliding Contacts Rail Track wabtec Products

Linear Sliding Contacts

Used where current has to be transferred to mobile equipment through a rail or track, where linear speed is relatively low, but current density is high.
Strong, highly conductive, carbon materials with a very high copper content are produced in a variety of shapes. The complexity of shapes, together with the materials used and the quantities required, lend themselves to manufacture by pressing to finished dimensions from metallurgical powders.
Gerken has a standard range of components produced in this way and the capability to design and manufacture bespoke parts for customer requirements.

Machined Graphite

Machined graphite components for molten metal and float glass handling - pumps, bearings, scrapers, shafts, rotors, crucibles....all made to the highest standards, no matter how complex the design.
When treated with our advanced Anti-Oxidation impregnation, Gerken's materials are able to withstand the extreme temperatures found in molten aluminum and zinc baths.
We supply many industries, including synthetic diamond and high purity materials used in semiconductor manufacture.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Saturn Casting Rings Wabtec Corp Gerken SA

Saturn Casting Rings

Saturn is a division of Gerken SA, specialising in the design and manufacture of AccuRingTM billet casting rings for hot top and air casting moulds. The range was developed by veterans of the aluminium industry using Gerken’s graphite machining expertise.
Saturn’s high quality and precision help to reduce casting costs, increase life, increase casting recovery through consistent performance, predictable replacement in line with maintenance schedules and reduced scrap.

Slip Rings Wind Turbine Wabtec Corp westinghouse air brake technologies Gerken Group

Slip Rings

Slip rings for wind turbine applications - power and signal transfer, or for any rotary application where there is a need to transfer current.
From two-way units for high power transmission, to multi-way signal transfer, including gold wire systems, we can supply from our standard range or design a bespoke system - including complete assemblies in water or dustproof enclosures.