GT Engineering & Associates engages in technology and system trading, supplemented by technical support and parts distribution services, representing branded products from Europe and the States, selling and marketing to the locomotive, transit car, industrial and power generation markets in China and Hong Kong.
Stemmann Technik of Germany supplies the majority of products, including:

  • pantograph, third rail shoegear and ground contact for locomotive and transit car
  • cable reel, slipring and festoon for container crane, ship loader - unloader and stacker - reclaimer
  • slipring for wind turbine

Other products include conductor rail for transit car wayside traction power supply, sensor and screw jack for container crane, cable management system for onshore power supply as well as charging pantograph for eBus.
And, GT Advanced Energy Technology (Shanghai), being a subsidiary founded in Shanghai ten years ago, engages in component trading, with products including slipring and optical cable, targeting at wind turbine segment.  The Shanghai subsidiary handles RMB transaction and customs clearance in China.
Founded as a privately owned enterprise in Hong Kong, GT Engineering & Associates has achieved steady, sustainable growth over the last three decades.  Acquired by Fandstan Electric, an UK private investment group, in 2012, and afterwards, by Wabtec Corporation (NYSE, WAB) of the States in 2014, presently, the company, with headquarter in Hong Kong and representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai, and, together with its subsidiary, has around 40 employees.