Wabtec Corporation Products cable reel

Cable Reel

Power, signal, data and media transmission on mobile equipment through winding and unwinding of reel mounted cables and hoses

Charging Pantograph

Charging Pantograph

Mounted on battery charging station, for eBus overhead DC charging

Wabtec Corp Industrial Products Conductor Line

Conductor Line

Power, signal and data transmission on mobile equipment through metal bars and trolley.

Conductor Rail

Conductor Rail

Aluminium - steel composite conductor rail, installed wayside, for dc traction power supply to metro and light rail vehicle 

Wabtec Industrial Power Generation Products Festoon

Festoon System

Power, signal, data and media transmission on mobile equipment through trolley mounted hanging cables and hoses

Wabtec Transit Car Locomotive Products Ground Contact

Ground Contact

Current bypass earthing device on rotating axle in train bogie

Wabtec Industrial Power Generation products Optical Cable

Optical Cable

Media for optical data transmission between sensor to PLC

wabtec global service locomotive transit car products Pantograph


Roof-mounted current collector for power transmission from conductive overhead wire to train

SAMPS westinghouse air brake parts and services


Cable management system for onshore power supply to ship on berth

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Industrial Products Screw Jack

Screw Jack

Electro-mechanical device for uplifting and positioning

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Corporation Industrial Products Sensor


Electrical device for position detection

westinghouse air brake tech Corporation Transit Car Products Shoegear


Floor-mounted current collector for power transmission from track side conductive third rail to metro vehicle

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Industrial Products Slip Ring and brush assemblies

Slipring Assembly

Power, signal and data transmission on rotating equipment through centrally mounted rings and brush assemblies

Wabtec westinghouse air brake tech Stinger System light rail products

Stinger System

Installed overhead inside maintenance depot, for traction power supply to metro and light rail vehicle