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Fairprene is our own brand of calendered rubber coated fabrics and sheet stock. This material is used in molding and die cutting applications. Product specs can be customized as requested.

westinghouse air brake tech products Gaskets & Seals

Gaskets & Seals

  • Economical OEM replacement gaskets and seals for EMD, GE, & Alcoengines
  • Premium OEM enhancements cut from proprietary materials such as Swellex™, which swells to a controlled maximum 30% of its original thickness to eliminate leak paths and Durogard™ seals to eliminate problems associated with cracked and hardened traditional sealing products
  • Also offering the Vector Oil Retention System to deflect oil back to the oil sump, inhibiting deck cover leaks

westinghouse air brake tech Hog Scrapers

Hog Scrapers

Longwood Elastomers combines decades of experience and development with proprietary rubber formulations to deliver products that achieve superior performance. As the world's leading manufacturer of hog scrapers and polishing whips, we offer an extensive range of specially designed scrapers and whips for all dehairing purposes in small, mid-range and large slaughter lines.
Our scrapers stand up to the toughest jobs and are durable enough to extend replacement cycles. These paddles are specially designed and formulated of the highest quality rubber and fabric compounded materials to effectively extend length of service. The rubber construction stands up to high temperatures and delivers the superior hygiene required in food processing.
Longwood offers a high quality standard line of scrapers, as well as the PremiumStar which is designed to handle the most punishing of applications

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Marine Fender

Longwood branded extruded marine fenders used at ports and on tug boats. Available in multiple profiles, sizes and rubber compounds.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Screen Cloth Protectors

Screen Cloth Protectors

Longwood “Edge Guard” all-rubber stripping is designed to protect vibrating shaker screens in classifiers.

  • Increases shaker screen life by isolating metal-against-metal abrasion and absorbing the shock and noise of impact as materials fall on the screen and pass through.
  • Prevents excessive wear and noise from abrasion caused by screen cloth rubbing against the frame.
  • Easy installation reduces downtime.
  • The resiliency of rubber helps to secure the screen cloth firmly in place.

In addition to high resistance to abrasion, weathering and aging, Longwood’s “Extra Life” Screen Cloth Protector features an extra thick wear for long service life, and extra long “legs” for a firmer grip to prevent twisting or slipping during operation.
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