Wabtec Corp Locomotive Products Biological Treatment System

Biological Treatment System

  • Waste treatment systems
  • Biological system
  • No daily pumping required

Wabtec Locomotive Products Ditch-Master Light Controller

Ditch-Master™ II Ditch Light Controller

  • Meets FRA Specifications - Flashes at a rate of once per second with a 50% duty cycle
  • Polarity Protected - Not damaged by input voltage reversal
  • Short Circuit Protection - Able to withstand a direct short circuit across lamp terminals or wiring
  • Transient Voltage Protection - Filtering and transient protection from spikes and noise on the power lines
  • Easy Installation - Rear mounting bracket and compact package provide greater mounting flexibility
  • Rugged Design, state-of-the-art technology and transient power protection on all inputs will withstand typical railroad conditions for an extended service life

Wabtec Corporation Locomotive products Icebox


  • Through floor drain to prevent puddles
  • Stainless steel interiors for easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty hinges for dependable operation
  • Closed cell sponge rubber door seals for better performance
  • Bolts to floor for great stability
  • Designed specifically for railroad applications

Wabtec westinghouse air brake tech locomotive products Lavatory Module

Lavatory Module

  • Complete water & waste system solution within a lavatory enclosure for easy integration in the locomotive cab. 
  • Lavatory enclosure is made from FRP material compliant with FRA regulations
  • Turnkey solution for your water and waste in a locomotive cab
  • Easy integration in to the locomotive cab
  • Clear interface points minimizes your water waste integration engineering hours

westinghouse brakes Wabtec locomotive products RC900 & RC920 Toilet

RC900 & RC920 Toilet

  • Corrosion-free polyethylene inner tank
  • Exclusive composite inner tank minimizes any interaction with human waste during periodic servicing
  • Heavy duty filter screen remains in tank during servicing
  • Recessed heavy duty tank drain slide valve
  • Excellent bowl rinse and durable pump handle
  • Universal mounting for installation
  • Lid assembly is interchangeable with compatible toilets

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies Locomotive Products Slow-Closing Faucet

Slow-Closing Faucet

  • Heavy nickel chrome plated brass, nonadjustable
  • Mounting - deck or wall • Water Flow - 53 gpm, @ 50 PSI
  • Reliable simple balanced valve design
  • Efficient rose spray pattern
  • Design reduces cleaning requirements and water usage