Perma-Cast headquarters building in Export PA

Perma-Cast, headquartered in Export PA was established in 1988 to provide a solution to a customer's problem.  From that beginning, we have expanded to become one of the nations most innovative producers of non-ferrous permanent mold castings.  Perma-Cast's experience, coupled with a 13,000 square foot facility, in house engineering design capability and commitment to quality makes us one of the top permanent mold casting suppliers in the US.  Alloy selection includes electrolytic copper (IACS of 95% or higher), brass, and aluminum bronze.  Permanent mold castings produced through our unique chill cast, gravity free process offers many benefits over the other casting methods. 

  • In-house design and engineering capabilities allow custom solutions to design challenges as well as reducing lead-time.
  • Computer controlled induction melting and resistance furnaces provide precise temperature control.
  • Complete custom machining, finishing, and assembly capabilities are available on premises.
  • Complete custom machining, finishing, and part assemblies of all types. (25 RMS Surface finishes)
  • Our Quality Assurance Department that is committed to exact and consistent products.

Perma-Cast also offers 3D Printing capabilities to allow you to do things right the first time.  We can turn your design into a real tangible part using our 3D printing capabilities.