Wabtec Transit Car Products Athena Controller

Athena Controller

Wabtec designed the Athena controller to meet demanding specifications for operational safety and long life.  Ideal for UIC or EN 15595-compliant wheel slide protection applications, Athena is designed for all passenger rail environments.  In addition to wheel slide, the modular design can also be configured for brake control and other systems where reliable computing is required.

Wabtec Transit Car Products Compact Caliper

Compact Caliper

These compact calipers are with high braking force (SB: 100kN, PB: 60kN). They are characterized by low weight, compact envelope. Additional they are maintenance free and they are suitable for all applications (Metro and Main Line). The design is proven since many thousands of units have been sold.

Wabtec Transit car products Electromagnetic Track Brake Unit (EMTBU)


Poli Electromagnetic Track Brake Unit (EMTBU) is suitable for all applications (Metro and Main Line). It is able to meet all customers' needs. The main benefit are low maintenance costs and high reliability.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake transit car Integrated Brake Control

Integrated Brake Control

The IBC, acronyms of Integrated Control Panel, is a smart and compact brake control, suitable for train platform that include most of the pneumatic functions requested on transit market. Easy to customize, it includes all braking functions and according to installation and specification can include other functions as wheel slide protection, parking brake control, magnetic track brake control, suspension control and sanding control. The heart of the IBC is the EPRV valve; which is including main functions such as service brake and emergency brake both load weighted. In addition are available monitoring of all the braking parameters with a deep and precise diagnostics and specific functions to guarantee the maximum safety. Based on service proven design, it gives specific and advanced functions in a limited space and with a very light weight approach. Special care has been used on maintenance during design phase, having as achieved target a challenging Life Cycle Cost of the product....

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westinghouse air brake tech Transit Car Products Poli Athena WSP

Poli Athena WSP

The dump valves are mounted underbody on the brake piping as close as possible to the brake cylinders. Driving these valves the ATHENA control unit can control the pressure in the brake cylinders in order to protect the wheel set from locking and optimizing the wheel/rail adhesion utilization. The ATHENA control unit drive the dump valves by a special internal modules (one per each dump valve) and using an internal self-generated 24VDC, regardless of the battery voltage available on the car. This module gives back to the control unit the diagnostic of the dump valve status, further it owns on board a special hardware watchdog according to UIC541-05 safety requirements. Beside these main functions the ATHENA control unit carries out the diagnostic of the whole system and it keeps trace of the defects that occur during the system is running. The adaptive cycle time of the internal microcontroller allow to have always the maximum performance at any speed. The dump valves are mounted underbody on the brake...

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Wabtec Transit Car Products Poli Segmented Brake Disc

Poli Segmented Brake Disc

High-efficiency Poli segmented brake discs, self ventilated. These discs have a spaced segmented friction ring which can be easily disassembled. Segments can freely expand and have a fixed connection to the special steel hub. They are made by special NiCrMo alloyed cast iron with high resistance to thermal stress and wear: this allows a longer life than our competitors. Since the hub is unalterable it does not need to be replaced, hence the wheels must never be dismounted. Long testing carried out by various Railway and Mass Transit Authorities have shown how the mean temperature, on the surface of POLI brake disc, is lower than the one on any other type of disc. Consequently, pad wear is lower. This design is suitable for all kind of application, from Metro to High Speed Train.