Wabtec foldover passenger access ramp Transit Bus

621SA Foldover Ramp

Fully electric, 1:6 slope, foldover passenger access ramp for low floor, transit buses. New, cam-based design allows ramp to automatically adjust to bus stop conditions to provide least possible, continuous slope. Rugged stainless steel enclosure - 1,000 lb. capacity.

Wabtec Transit Bus Products BR2E Ramp

BR2E Ramp

Fully electric, 1:6 slope, passenger access ramp for small, low floor buses. Unique, space-saving, folding design. Water-resistant controls and corrosion-resistant enclosure.

Wabtec Corp Transit Bus F10X Wheelchair Lift

F10X Wheelchair Lift

Low-profile motorcoach wheelchair lift provides maximum space efficiency in luggage bay area. Patented, interlocked occupant restraint belt system.

Wabtec Transit Bus Products F9T Wheelchair Lift

F9T Wheelchair Lift

The most popular wheelchair lift for motorcoaches. Rugged stainless steel and aluminum construction. Patented, interlocked occupant restraint belt system.

Wabtec transit car products PowerLift Railcar Wheelchair Access

PowerLift™ Railcar Wheelchair Access System

The innovative Ricon PowerLIft wheelchair access system provides reliable mobility solutions for traditional, commuter and heavy rail car as well as emerging high-speed rail applications. The self-contained PowerLIft system helps operators meet the needs of the physically challenged and complies with all ADA specifications.

Wabtec Transit Car Products Ricon Express Auto Bridge Plate

Ricon Express™ Automatic Bridge Plate

The sturdy Ricon Express™ automatic bridge plate allows operators to provide mobility-challenged passengers with safe and efficient transitions between the railcar and station platform. When stowed, the Express™ bridge plate conveniently returns to its position in the floor of the railcar.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Transit Bus Products Wheelchair Lift - Classic Model

Wheelchair Lift - Classic Model

Classic performance, reliability and value. Features patented, fully interlocked occupant restraint belt system and threshold warning system. Automatic inboard and outboard rollstop barriers. FMVSS and ADA compliant. For paratransit and commercial vehicles, and school buses

Wabtec Transit Bus Products Wheelchair Lift - Titanium™ Model

Wheelchair Lift - Titanium™ Model

Heavy-duty line of wheelchair lifts that delivers "Best-in-Class" performance and value. True 1,000 lb. capacity and features patented, interlocked occupant restraint belt system. Rugged Dura-Touch, shock and water-resistant control pendant. High-strength steel alloy construction. For paratransit and commercial vehicles, and school buses.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Products Windows for Transit Buses

Windows for Transit Buses

Comprehensive line of CityView® (frameless) and standard frame designs. Available in various configurations to meet exact requirements.