Sancsast Acicular Iron

Acicular Iron

Acicular Iron This rigid, high-strength, wear-resistant material is used in high-wear abrasive-resistant applications. 

  • BHN Range 302-401

Others available by request

 SanCasT ductile iron

Ductile Iron

Ductile iron castings are ideal for automotive, agricultural, transportation and many other applications.

  • D 60-40-18
  • D 80-55-06
  • Austempered Ductile Iron
  • D 65-45-12
  • D 100-70-03

Others available by request

westinghouse air brake tech SanCast Gray Iron

Gray Iron

Gray Iron Used for fittings, brake drums, pump housings, valve bodies, and decorative castings.

  • Class 25
  • Class 30
  • Class 35
  • Class 40

Others available by request