Wabtec Corp Air Hose Hanger Freight Cars

Air Hose Hanger

Consisting of a five-piece forged and welded unit, the air hose hanger incorporates a ball and socket design that enables the integral 60-degree hose fitting to swing in any direction. Since hose and fittings can move with the coupler, hose kinking, tracking and breaking are reduced. A welding plate attaches completed assemblies to the car. The unit includes a 1 1/4 inch, 60-degree angle fitting for application to cars with long shank couplers and/or sliding center sills. Hangers come in various lengths.

Wabtec Freight Car products Barber Brake Beams

Barber Brake Beams

Formerly known as the Triax, Wabtec's world-class brake beams set the industry standard for quality, durability and innovative design features.

  • Wabtec's Uni-Truss single piece design means there are no welds to fail or fasteners to shear
  • Diagonally corrected end to counteract brake beam rotation provides even pressure across the full face of the brake shoe, protecting against uneven wear 
  • Steel construction for strength and reliability
  • Zero field failures

Freight Car Products Barber Side Frame and Bolster Castings

Barber® Side Frame and Bolster Castings

110 T Trucks for M-976 / S-286 Service:

  • S-2-HD 9 Coil (M-976 Approved)
  • S-2-HD 6 Coil – Low Profile (M-976 Approved)
  • S-2-E 917 Integral Wedge (M-976 Approved)
  • S-2-E 945 Split Wedge (S-286 Approved) Other Gross Rail Loads

 Intermodal and Other Service:

  • 125 T S-2-HD
  • 70 T S-2-C

Features / Benefits:

  • Designed and tested by Standard Car Truck to meet or exceed AAR M-202 / 203 Standards
  • Manufactured in AAR M-210 and M-1003 Approved Foundries under Standard Car Truck supervision
  • Inspection / process monitoring exceeds AAR Requirements

    - 100 % Magnetic Particle inspected for cracks (no AAR Requirement)
    - 100 % Gaging (AAR requires sampling only)
    - Detailed Product Quality scoring system

  • 15 year successful service history

Wabtec Corp Freight Car Products Body Brake Levers

Body Brake Levers

Body brake levers, featuring I-beam designs to reduce weight, come in a wide range of sizes for use as cylinder, hand brake and floating levers. They are forged from C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel to produce minimum pin hole wear and longer service life. On many of these body brake levers, the center pad provides adjustability for drilling dimensions. Lengths from 10 to 42 inches between end hole centers are available from forging dies.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Beam Hangers

Brake Beam Hangers

Forged from C-1045 special bar quality steel, Schaefer Equipment brake beam hangers are heat treated to provide increased strength and long service life. The loop type hangers are offered in various lengths.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Clevises

Brake Clevises

Schaefer brake clevises are forged from C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel to assure greater strength and resistance to wear. They are available in all standard AAR sizes, as well as special sizes and configurations upon request.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Rod Cylinder Push Pins

Brake Rod Cylinder Push Pins

Schaefer brake cylinder push pins are forged from C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel for lightweight and high strength, especially in the jaw area, where reduced weight provides better wear and longer service life. Brake rods exceed AAR requirements.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Rod Eyes

Brake Rod Eyes

Arc-weld brake rod eyes are easy to apply and are used for application on new equipment, maintenance, or repairs. Arc-weld eyes, forged from C-1020 steel, are for application to brake rods from 3/4 to 1 3/8 inch diameter.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Rod Jaws

Brake Rod Jaws

Arc-weld brake rod jaws suited for use on new equipment or in repair or maintenance applications, are easy to apply and can be used in any shop or repair track that has arc-welding equipment. The arc-weld socket assures correct alignment of the jaw with the brake rod without using special jigs or fixtures. Jaws are forged from C-1020 steel and are for application to 3/4 through 1 3/8 inch diameter brake rods.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Rod Splice

Brake Rod Splice

  • Allows for easy field replacement of worn, broken or bent brake rods
  • Schaefer type features one piece design, simply wrap the splice around the repair joint and weld

    - Available in 3/4"-7/8" rods and 1" - 1 1/8" rods

  • Two Zeftek ZT-368 splices are welded together to join the existing brake rod and new brake rod section to restore rod integrity

    - Use on 3/4" and 7/8" brake rod diameters

  • Available as complete assembly or individually

Wabtec Corp Freight Car Products Corner Caps

Corner Caps

Forged corner caps are designed to reinforce the corner structures of gondola and open-top hopper cars. Offered in bolted or welded versions, they feature strength, are lightweight and easy to install. Welded corner caps are manufactured from C-1020 steel to facilitate welding. Bolted caps are forged from C-1040/1045 steel for added strength.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Coupler Carrier Wear Plates

Coupler Carrier Wear Plates

Coupler carrier wear plates come in either ASTM A-128 austenitic manganese steel or heat-treated C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel. Manganese steel plates are designed for extended service and longer life. In service, metal-to-metal contact between coupler and coupler carrier wear plate quickly produces a polished, work-hardened surface that is highly resistant to abrasion. The plates meet AAR standards.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Crossridge Bracefeet

Crossridge Bracefeet

Available for 30 and 45 degree slope sheets, Schaefer's Crossridge Bracefeet are designed to be welded to the lower end of standard 3 by 5 inch rectangular tubing, and the assembly to be bolted to the crossridge. Then, when needed, brake replacement is simple and quick. Schaefer Bracefeet meet AAR specification M-126, Grade B.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Schaefer Link System

Schaefer Link System

This combination of components guides the brake beam in a horizontal configuration, regardless of brake beam end extension wear. The brake beam is prevented from drooping, which can cause the top of the brake shoe to wear more than the bottom as the top of the brake head tilts closer to the wheel tread. It also reduces the frictional losses between the brake beam and the side frame pocket, thereby increasing the rigging efficiency and reducing the brake shoe force variations from side to side on the same brake beam.

  • Uses standard truck lever arrangement
  • Promotes even brake shoe wear
  • Improves brake shoe force and shoe alignment
  • Extends life of the end guide and wear liner as well as the brake shoe and wheel life
  • Equipped with Schaefer 3-hole truck lever connections and equipment links

Wabtec Freight Car Products Side Frame Keys Narrow Pedestals

Side Frame Keys (Narrow Pedestals)

Schaefer Equipment offers a variety of freight car brake parts and other truck car components, including custom forgings.
Side frame keys, made from forged steel for greater strength, prevent roller bearing wheel assemblies from becoming dislodged from side frame assemblies. Schaefer side frame keys confirm to AAR standard S-325.

Wabtec Freight Car Products TransDyne Pedestal Roof Liners

TransDyne Pedestal Roof Liners

A-05048 Clip on 70/100 ton wear plate
A-05064 Clip on twin 70/100 ton wear plate
A-05092 Clip on 125 ton wear plate
A-05112 Dyna-clip 70/100 wear plate
A-05115 Dyna-clip 125 ton wear plate

  • Clip-on liners are the long time industry standard
  • New, Patented Dyna-clip offers improved service life and durability
  • Easily replaceable, durable, and eliminates the need for welding
  • Dyna-Clip design reduces pre-stress during installation improving life of product
  • Dyna-Clip design allows for thicker material to reduce detrimental lateral movement

Wabtec Freight Car Products Truck Bolster Replacement Gibs

Truck Bolster Replacement Gibs

Truck bolster replacement gibs are forged from C-1030 steel and are heat treated to 350 B.H.N... They feature 3/8 inch by 45 degree weld chamfers, which provide for weld metal deposition and penetration during application and come in 3 3/4, 4 1/2 and 5 inch lengths. Schaefer's replacement gibs can be installed after burning off the worn truck bolster gibs.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Truck Bolster Replacement Rings

Truck Bolster Replacement Rings

Welded replacements for worn cast truck bolster rings extend the useful life of costly bolsters. These rings are manufactured from C-1030 special bar quality steel and come in 12, 14, 15 and 16 inch diameters. They are offered with flame-hardened inside diameter or can be machined for application of vertical wear liners. Weld configuration can be machined to suit customer requirements.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Truck Brake Levers

Truck Brake Levers

Schaefer's forged truck brake levers feature I-beam designs that eliminate needless metal while their entire length is proportioned to offer uniform resistance to stress. Manufactured from C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel, these lightweight levers have pin holes sized to assure proper fit. Heat-treated for additional strength and pin hole hardness, they can be bent on both ends, if necessary, to meet specific requirements.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight ProductsTruck Lever Connections

Truck Lever Connections (Bottom Rods)

Hollow-forged truck lever connections, manufactured from C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel, are designed for specific load requirements. Their design provides greater strength while eliminating all unnecessary weight, thus reducing wear on the connection and all connected components. Available in a wide range of sizes for through or under bolster applications.