Thermal Transfer Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of heat transfer products. Located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we fabricate our products in one of the best-equipped manufacturing facilities in the industry. Highly experienced, skilled craftsmen and constant quality control ensure the accuracy of every step and the reliability of every product.
To verify quality, Thermal Transfer Corporation uses every appropriate testing technique, including X-ray, dye penetrant, hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing. Our production facility is qualified for ASME "U", "S" and "R" stamps, as well as UL-approved for control panel fabrication. TTC’s Quality Management System has also been certified to ISO 9001:2008. Heat Recovery Division
Combining the experience of almost every heat-intensive industry with the most advanced technology available.
We apply all resources for the most cost-effective, custom solutions to heat exchange problems of practically every description. Since 1938, TTC has designed, engineered, manufactured and delivered over 2000 of those solutions: all types of recuperators, heat exchangers, fired heaters, gas coolers and economizers. Each product is custom-designed to fit exactly the unique conditions and special requirements of the particular process and industry in which it works.
Thermal Transfer Corporation custom designs heat exchangers and preheaters to accommodate a broad spectrum of temperature and pressure conditions, for a variety of industrial applications including combustion air/gas preheating, incineration systems, process dryers and air pollution control. Our extensive experience in the design of bare and finned tube, tube-and-shell and continuous coil heat exchangers assures product quality and performance, even in the most stringent heat transfer applications. Special consideration is routinely given to critical design factors to assure maximum operating efficiency and safety, while providing rugged construction, space-saving geometry and easy maintenance. ESP Component Division
Electrostatic precipitators are used to collect particulate found in waste gas streams generated by fossil fuel power plants and other industrial processes. Internal electrostatic precipitator components, including collecting electrodes and discharge electrodes, are manufactured for Hamon Research-Cottrell as well as many leading electrostatic precipitator providers across the industry.