wabtec westinghouse air brake Thermal Transfer Corporation Field Services

Field Services

Thermal Transfer Corporation offers the following field services for our equipment:

  • Installation supervision
  • Start-up supervision
  • Operating and maintenance training
  • Equipment inspection

The costs associated with these field services are in accordance with Thermal Transfer Corporation's standard field rates. Please contact us for a copy of our field rate schedule.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Heat Recovery Equipment Repairs

Heat Recovery Equipment Repairs

Many of Thermal Transfer Corporation's products are repaired or rebuilt in our manufacturing facility. TTC also repairs and rebuilds units originally supplied by its competitors. The cost associated with most of our repairs is typically a fraction of the cost of a new unit.
Reasons to have Thermal Transfer perform your repair work include:

  • Same warranty as new unit for repair work
  • Pressure test performed (if required)
  • Fast turnaround provided
  • Materials in accordance with original specifications
  • Upgrades included improve longevity in service
  • New refractory installed (as required)
  • Redesign available to increase heating surface