2014 SNCF presented Track-IQ Award

Track IQ has a global reputation as specialist suppliers of condition monitoring and asset management solutions to the rail industry.  Track IQ develops, manufactures and supports wayside systems used to monitor the status and operating condition of rolling stock. Solutions for complete monitoring of rolling stock include:

  • Bearing acoustic monitor (BAM)
  • Wheel impact load detector (WCM)
  • Weigh-in-motion (WIM)
  • Wheel profile monitor (WPM)
  • Brake Inspection monitor (BIM)
  • Bogie geometry monitor (BGM)
  • Full vehicle inspection system (FVIS)
  • Machine Vision Solutions for Rolling Stock Inspection
  • Data Management and Analysis (FleetONE)

Track IQ provides software solutions for the integration of wayside systems and rolling stock maintenance information. Our powerful FleetONE system presents, priorities, alarms and reports on this data and is customisable to meet each of our customer’s specific needs. Our focus is turning all your condition monitoring data into information. Track IQ FleetONE supports this approach through a data integration capability that allows incorporation of other vendor's equipment into the FleetONE system. This includes data generated by systems such as hot bearing detectors (HBDs), pantograph measurement systems and even hand held devices. Track IQ provides a robust technical and commercial offering that adds value to our customer's business. This is based on over 25 years of experience and our worldwide operations across the global rail industry.

With continuous investment through both organic growth and acquisition, Track IQ continue to develop market leading solutions that meet the challenges of operating an efficient modern railway.

Track IQ is a Division of Wabtec Control Systems and a wholly owned subsidiary of Wabtec Corporation.