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FleetONE™ is a multi-sensor trending database product that extends the capability of your Wayside Monitoring hardware interface. Facilitating vehicle monitoring and data mining via key vehicle metrics, delivered through a web-based application. FleetONE™ allows for the import of third party wayside sensor products thus providing a single data interface to the User.
Responding to an industry requirement for a standardized software portal, Track IQ has developed FleetONE™ – to integrate a range of wayside monitoring equipment data into a single system. Instead of each condition monitoring device providing its own method to access its data, FleetONE™ provides a single interface for users to work with all condition-monitoring information associated with a user’s rolling stock.
Leveraging this consolidation of data, FleetONE provides a number of customizable reports on the condition of the vehicle fleet. It also provides a powerful “search engine” that allows users to compose, save,...

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PhotoTAG™ uses a wayside mounted, high speed camera to capture vehicle identification labelling on the side of passing vehicles. This system can replace the requirement for RFID vehicle tagging in order to recognise rail traffic for the purpose of building train consists, trending wayside measurements of vehicle defect observations and/ or weigh in motion measurements.
Track IQ have specifically developed and field trialled the PhotoTAG system to facilitate rapid introduction of Wayside Detectors into environments where RFID vehicle tagging is not available or where vehicle ID's are required to be checked prior to removal from service for maintenance.
Adaptable to both the RailBAM and WCM databases and other industry systems PhotoTAG ensures that alerts for defects are immediately associated with the appropriate vehicle.
Suitable for environmental extremes and night/ day applications, the system enhances the railway safety and maintenance regimes.

westinghouse air brake tech RailBAM® - Bearing Acoustic Monitor

RailBAM® - Bearing Acoustic Monitor

The RailBAM® system uses advanced "beam forming" technology to monitor the acoustic emissions of each wheel of railway vehicles passing at line speed. This information allows for the identification of defects in wheel bearings with thousands of kilometres of remaining life. This early fault detection enables fleet maintainers to monitor (trend) the bearing condition and optimize the timing of a vehicle’s removal from service, therefore providing improved maintenance planning and in many cases extended bearing life.
In 2014 SNCF presented Track IQ with an award for Innovation Excellence for RailBAM. The prestigious SNCF awards, which recognized Track IQ as an outstanding supplier, showcase the very best product innovations and service delivery in engineering, science and technology.
The implementation of an acoustic bearing detector system or Bearing Acoustic Monitor may also result in a reduction of the number of traditional bearing...

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westinghouse air brakes RailSQAD® - Environmental Acoustic System Monitor

RailSQAD® - Environmental Acoustic System Monitor

RailSQAD® uses advanced "beam forming" technology to monitor the acoustic emissions of each wheelset of railway vehicles passing at line speed. This information allows for the identification of squealing and flanging wheelsets, as a potential indicator bogies/wheelset misalignment.
Wheelset noise emissions are classified as analyzed: Squealing or Flanging are ranked according to noise level against agreed criteria. All processed data is imported into the FleetONETM Database that produces statistical data for analysis against varying train operating parameters, rolling stock condition and environmental conditions.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Wayside Detection -  Supersite Solutions Track IQ

Supersite Solutions

Supersites are a comprehensive multi-sensor monitoring system providing a suite of component condition information across a passing vehicle. For example, a supersite can comprise Track IQ products RailBAM® and WCM plus third party products monitoring, vehicle / bogie tracking, wheel profile and brake wear. The measurement data is integrated via the FleetONETM database software product to provide a total trackside intelligence system.

wabtec westinghouse air brake TENM™ - Train Environmental Noise Monitor

TNM™ - Train Noise Monitor

The Train Noise Monitor uses a wayside mounted camera combined with a high precision microphone to record the sound levels associated with a train passby. High noise levels can be identified and a matched image can be used to identify offending vehicles. The system uses a non-contact distance sensor to identify the presence of a train. One system can even be used to monitor multiple tracks at a location. No part of the equipment is installed within three metres of the track centre.
The system interfaces with Track IQ’s wayside database FleetONE™. A comprehensive set of statistics is available to track the performance of any train noise control programs or monitor environmental noise near residential areas.
Suitable for environmental extremes and day/night applications. The system is totally self-contained and uses a solar array for power and a 3G connection to transfer data from the site to the FleetONE™ database.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Track IQ Wheel Condition Monitor - WCM®

Wheel Condition Monitor - WCM®

The Track IQ Wheel Condition Monitor (WCM) is an innovative and cost-effective trackside system for automated Wheel Condition Monitoring. It is capable of detecting wheel defects including wheel spalls, out of roundness, shelling, flats and surface roughness. At a vehicle level the system provides loading imbalance and overload alerts. The WCM is a hybrid clamp-on system using both accelerometers and strain gauges to give 100% wheel surface coverage and to resolve multiple defects on a wheel
The WCM System consists of an array of clamp-on track-mounted sensors and trackside processors to evaluate and process signals. The system mounts to the standard track structure with no requirement for concrete sleepers. Shielded cabling is used as required for electrified environments. The system is modular and can be replaced in component sections.
Routine track maintenance (e.g. tamping operations) can be undertaken by the customer with no removal of...

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