Wabtec Corporation Positive Train Control Power Products

3rd Rail

TransTech holds the original patents for the composite rail that is so prevalent as third rail power today, but we continued innovating and now provide a superior, stainless-steel capped aluminum third rail that fits many of the same profiles as the composite rail. Our rail is Buy America Compliant, and our technology is second-to-none. We create a rail that lasts longer and performs better than the standard composite rail.

Wabtec Corp Maritime Power AMPS Industrial products

Alt. Maritime Power (AMPS)

TransTech provides alternative maritime power solutions for the port industry. These solutions allow large container vessels to gain their electrical power via a connection to power supplies at the port.

Wabtec Corporation Products Cable Reels

Cable Reels

TransTech provides cable management through the utilization of Stemmann-Technik monospiral and cylindrical cable reels. These reels ensure the longevity and proper care of the cables and hoses that supply mobile machines with power, control data, or other media. TransTech works closely with its sister company – Stemmann-Technik – to ensure the utmost care is taken in the winding and unwinding of hoses and cables in order to increase the life and performance of the cable or hose, as well as reduce the cost-of-life ownership of both the reel and the cable

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC products Carbon


TransTech designs and manufactures long life, low resistance carbon collector strips and assemblies for pantographs. Our carbon collector strips are known to be light weight, high electrical conductivity, cause minimal arcing and have the lowest friction resistance on the market. Our pantograph carbon collector strips offer integrated end horns that maintain contact in the most challenging situations. We have auto drop and impact detection systems which help maximize the wear life of our carbon collectors and pantographs.



TransTech offers heavy-duty, shoe-type collectors as well as industrial pantograph-type collectors. These collectors are meant for use with rigid conductor systems as used on crane runways or similar installations. These are robust collectors that are designed for long life in harsh environments.

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Products non Icing Solutions

De Icing Solutions: NIS

The Non-icing System (NIS), is a specialized, non-conductive pantograph that provides a proactive solution to icing. This innovative solution uses a felt roller on the head of the pantograph to coat the contact wire with glycerin, effectively reducing the temperature at which water will freeze. This is a perfect solution for environments that are prone to ice on the contact wire.

Industrial Power Generation products Conductor Systems

Enclosed Conductor Systems

TransTech provides several unique, customizable solutions for enclosed and partially enclosed conductor bar systems. Multiconductor and Productor provide continuous running copper for specialized and high-speed applications. RediBAR provides a factory-assembled conductor bar system for quick installation.

Wabtec Industrial Power Products Rubber Tire Gantry


TransTech is proud to offer Stemmann-Technik Electrification Solutions for RTGs. We make it easy to take advantage of the technology by providing complete “new-build” systems and modifications for systems already in place. Electrifying your Rubber Tire Gantry Crane can save in fuel costs, maintenance costs, and the resulting standstill periods.

Wabtec Positive Train Control products Ground Return Unit

Ground Return Units

Ground return systems provide the return path to close the electrical circuits from the catenary to the third rail. TransTech provides the frost® brand of radial and axial mounted Ground Return Units.

Wabtec Industrial Power Generation Products Conductor Bar

Heavy Duty Conductor Bar

TransTech manufactures the Delta Star Heavy Duty Conductor Systems to electrify industrial track machinery (cranes, etc.). These are robust and durable systems that come in several profiles (H-Bar, C-Bar, V-Bar, HC-Bar, HV-Bar, HJ-Bar, and Transductor) and can run in various orientations (side, bottom, and top).

Wabtec transit Industrial Power Generation Products Insulators


TransTech manufactures an array of high-quality, low-voltage insulators, which boast a wide range of application possibilities for electrical transfer systems. We can produce Molded Polyester Fiberglass, Red Poly, Giant Strain, and Corrugated Insulators. Customized profiles are also available.

Wabtec Freight Car PTC Positive Train control Products Catenary

Overhead Catenary System Components

TransTech supplies Arthur Flury Section Insulators, Phase Breaks, Conical Couplers, and Forked Collar Sockets to ensure that systems maximize their performance, while minimizing failure rates.

westinghouse air brake tech positive train control  PTC products Pantographs


TransTech is the preferred pantograph supplier to North American transit authorities and car builders. We supply our pantographs to the Transit Authorities that service over 80% of the revenue miles in North America. We design and manufacture Buy America compliant pantographs for high-speed railway, light rail train, and intercity rail systems nationwide.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive Shoe Gear Products

Shoe Gear

Third rail shoe gear is used to supply power to railway vehicles. The shoe gear collects power from the third rail and supplies that power to the railway vehicle. TransTech supplies Buy America compliant shoe gear.

Wabtec westinghouse brakes Industrial Power Genration Products Slip Rings

Slip Rings

TransTech utilizes the sliprings of its sister company – Stemmann-Technik – when a rotating, sliding contact is needed to deliver electric power to moving machines. Slipring assemblies are used to provide uninterruptible energy and data transmission in all machines and equipment whose rotary motion does not permit fixed feed lines. We provide a variety of types of sliprings; cast, carbon/brass, carbon/carbon, printed circuit board, multiwire, and explosion proof.