From its’ humble beginnings as a depression era automotive engine rebuilder on the West side of Chicago to the current leader in value for locomotive air compressor solutions and service, Triangle Engineered Products continues to keep the Railway Industry on track. At the end of World War II the American rail industry was transitioning from steam to diesel engine powered locomotives which created a whole new array of operating challenges.  Triangle’s remanufacturing expertise afforded us the opportunity to service locomotive air compressors in Chicago area commuter rail application. A position which was to set the stage for the product improvements developed in subsequent years.
Poor oil control was symptomatic of the compressors utilized by the predominate OEM in those early years. As an engine remanufacturer, our first hand observation of the poor condition of those early compressors after a relatively short time in service begged for a solution.  Triangle was the pioneer in applying proven automotive concepts for improving oil delivery and control. Products such as Cam ground pistons, expander oil rings, rifle drilled connecting rods and lube oil filtration proved to be the solution for improved operation and service life.  Combined with a dedication to continuous product improvement and unmatched customer service our compressor improvements became the preferred product of the end user, i.e., the Railroads.  By the early 1980s customer preference for Triangle’s aftermarket compressor solutions created a market demand which paved the way for Triangle as an OEM supplier to General Electric.