Entry Level Turbocharger - PT88 MFS

Entry Level Turbocharger - PT88 MFS

MFSHP Rating: 1,250
Are you trying to put together a cost effective turbocharger system for your vehicle? Well, we've got just what you're looking for! Precision Turbo and Engine's line of Entry Level Turbochargers provide the perfect solution by delivering a high-quality turbo at a budget-friendly price.
This Entry Level unit features the following:

  • 88mm inducer compressor wheel
  • "H" compressor cover 4.0" inlet/3.0" outlet
  • Turbine housing options
       - T4 Tangential .96 A/R with 5 3/8" OD (outer diameter) V-Band discharge
  • 360° journal bearing system

PTE's Entry Level turbochargers help you get the high-end performance you crave in a smaller package at an affordable price.

Wabtec westinghouse air Power Genreation Products Spearco Heat Exchanger

Spearco Heat Exchanger

Conventional intercooler cores are thin-walled, extruded aluminum tubes that are not designed to handle extreme boost pressures and limit cooling performance because of their narrow width. Spearco's W.A.V.E. Technology Cores (Wide Area Vane Effectiveness) utilize the latest design advances in strength and durability and maximize cooling effectiveness through a greater surface area. In addition to our selection of cast-aluminum manifolds which are used on a variety of cores, it is also possible to fabricate special manifolds from sheet and channel aluminum for special applications to fit all intercooler installation requirements and aid you in initial fit and function.

  • W.A.V.E. Technology cores provide greater efficiency. Bar & Plate design for rugged conditions and high boost pressures
  • Core construction process withstands high pressures (100+ psi)
  • Increase fuel economy by providing a denser air intake charge
  • Air to air and air to liquid internal...
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Wabtec Power Generation Industrial Products Turbocharger


Turbonetics is a key supplier of turbochargers, regulators and related products to many of the world's leading industrial power-generation companies. Our products can be found in some of the most demanding environments around the globe providing reliable performance around the clock, year after year. Our patented ceramic ball-bearing turbocharger designs provide unrivaled durability in a wide variety of power generation applications. Turbonetics regulator products are designed specifically for the rigors of continuous operation of power-generation systems. At Turbonetics we offer a large selection of standard product configurations. However, our application engineers can mix and match standard components to create a solution specific to fit your needs. In addition, our design engineers can work with you on "ground up" custom products when a product designed explicitly for your application is required.

Wabtec Power Generation Products Wastegates and Valves


All of Turbonetics’ high performance wastegates and valves are designed and tested to control boost and flow large volumes of exhaust gases. Turbonetics' wastegates feature investment cast stainless steel bases, precision machined parts, high temperature resistant diaphragms, computer modeled and flow tested inconel valve designs and v-band connections. These wastegates perform under pressure and handle high EGTs (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) to protect your engine from over boosting while efficiently evacuating hot gases to lower back pressure when running under wide open throttle. All of our by-pass valves are engineered to efficiently alleviate boost pressure contained within the induction system by venting or re-routing air pressure to prevent surging and unnecessary wear on the turbocharger. Our wastegate and by-pass valve lineup is able to be applied on low displacement (< 1 liter), low boost (< 5 psi) applications all the way up to large 10+ liter engines running 100+ psi in compound boost setups....

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