westinghouse air brake tech Panda Cool™ Transformer Oil Cooler

Panda Cool™ Transformer Oil Cooler

The Panda Cool™ Transformer cooler offers catalog selection with standardized sizing.  Review our catalog brochure linked below for more information.  See our other Products HERE

westinghouse air brake technologies company Plate-Fin Tubing

Plate-Fin Tubing

An Alternative Heat Transfer Surface
Unifin offers a high quality Plate-Fin Technology as a premier heat transfer surface for utility and industrial applications. The Plate-Fin surface offers the benefit of providing higher energy transfer efficiency and improved heat transfer in a more compact and robust design.
The Unifin Plate-Fin Technology uses aluminum or copper fins with full collars. The collars are engineered to provide fixed and permanent fin spacing. The collars also transfer the heat between the tubes and the fins, allowing constant performance through the full range of thermal expansion. Other tube materials such as copper, copper-nickel, stainless steel and other specialty materials are available. The tubes are mechanically expanded into the fin collars, forming an interference fit between the fin collar and the tube that is mechanically very strong and effectively facilitates heat transfer.
The Unifin Plate-Fin Technology is extremely...

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Wabtec westinghouse air brake tech Special Cardinal Pump Optional Features

Special Cardinal Pump Optional Features

Optional Features

  • HARLEY™ by Cardinal Sleeve Bearing (Standard or Remanufactured)
  • TecSonics™ bearing wear monitoring system
  • Performance run-in testing (Standard on Remanufactured)
  • Certified Performance Curves
  • WeatherAll™ power cords and installation gaskets
  • Epoxy Paint Systems
  • Export Packaging
  • Metric-sized flange connections for international compatibility

WeatherAll® Power Cords
Helps to ensure transformer pump and cooling fan motor performance. The cords have been field-tested to withstand ultraviolet rays, oil, water and extreme weather conditions. A unique Overmold Protectant restricts moisture from entering at the connecting points and prevents any movement of cord leads.
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Wabtec westinghouse air brake tech Stator Water Cooler

Stator Water Cooler

When Gas Cooling Alone is Not Enough
Large generators create more losses in the conducting components than can be safely removed through gas cooling on the exterior of these conductors. These large machines have Deionized (DI) water passed through the conducting bars to keep them cool and not deteriorate the insulation that keeps them from shorting each other out. The heat rejected to the water needs to be removed externally from the generator by Unifin’s Stator Water Cooler. These coolers are manufactured from all non-ferrous material where in contact with the DI water. The remainder of the unit may or may not be Carbon steel. These units typically have bare tubes with a segmental baffle arrangement. While the tube bundles may become fouled or eroded requiring replacement, the shells are typically stainless steel and rarely need replacing.
Features and Options

  • ASME Code Section VIII, or non-Code, Design, Welding and...
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wabtec westinghouse air brake TecSonics™ Bearing Monitoring Sytem

TecSonics™ Bearing Monitoring System

TecSonics™ Bearing Monitoring System
Six precision, ultrasonic sensors are mounted in both thrust and radical bearings at strategic points, becoming part of the bearing surface.
A signal from the instrument excites a piezoelectric crystal in each sensor which emits a high-frequency sound wave which echoes off the face of the sensor, re-exciting the crystal which sends a signal back to the instrument.
The instrument translates the echo time into distance (sensor length) and bearing condition. A multiple array of sensors provides the safety of redundancy and accuracy of +/- .0002". Measurements are compared to the baseline readings to determine if bearing wear has occurred.
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