A trusted partner of the public transit industry over the last hundred years, Vapor Stone Rail Systems has long since earned worldwide recognition. Thanks to the creativity and innovative thinking of its work force, its adaptability and commitment to quality, the company has carved an enviable reputation.
Back in 1914, Vapor Stone Rail Systems manufactured boilers for the rail and sea transport industries. With the intense urbanization and rapid industrialization of the mid-20th century, countless new technologies emerged. Vapor Rail diversified its activities to adapt to the new reality of intra-urban and intercity transport.
Today, Vapor Stone Rail Systems is the leader in the design, development, prototyping, manufacturing and distribution of door systems for metros, and air conditioning system accessories for commuter trains and passenger trains.
To date, over 200,000 train and metro doors allow passengers easy access in and out world-wide. Designed and developed at its head office of St-Laurent, in Quebec, those doors and passenger access systems are a source of pride for the 90 employees who work there.
Our production facility, located in Plattsburgh, New York, employees 96 persons who assemble door systems and air conditioning accessories. A third plant, in Mexico, specializes in the manufacturing of door panels.