About Us

The history begins in 1869, when George Westinghouse developed the air brakes and founded the Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO), which after the merger with MotivePower industries in 1999 was renamed as Wabtec Corporation.
Global supplier of components and high generation systems for locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars and buses; manufacturing and refurbishment of locomotives; Proven Experience with: Brake Systems, Positive Train Control (PTC); Pneumatics; mechanics; electronics; systems integration; railway signaling; Maintenance and spare parts.
Maintenance Shop, Belo Horizonte - MG

  • Brake systems components repairing services and parts supply
  • Parts and components Distribution Center
  • Manufacturing Plant of new Brake Valves
  • Complete Brake System repair and refurbishment
  • Compressors maintenance and repair
  • Mechanical components repair (cylinders, slack adjusters)

Marketing & Sales, Engineering and Technical Assistance - Winco

  • Supply of kits and components for brakes, bogies, frame braces, draft gears, single car test devices for railway cars, spare parts for cars
  • Supply of brake kits and components, compressors, dryers, doors, couplings, control units, air conditioning systems for passenger cars
  • Supply of brake kits and components, compressors, vent valves, aftercoolers, air dryers and electronic equipment for locomotives
  • Engineering, training and technical services


  • Manufacture of brake shoes and brake pads
  • Distribution of friction products of Wabtec Group (Cobra, becorit, etc.)

Wabtec Juiz de Fora, MG

  • Project Design and installation of signaling conventional system
  • Control Center: "TMDS" - Train Management Dispatch System