Wabtec Control Systems specializes in rail control, signalling and communications and is a leading provider of industrial electrical and communications solutions. Whether it’s a greenfield project, an upgrade to an existing site or the ongoing service and maintenance of critical assets we have the capability to provide a complete electrical and communications solution.
We help our customers design, build and maintain signalling, communications and power systems. We provide ourselves on our ability to provide authoritative technical support on railway infrastructure including signal engineering, train control systems interlocking, automatic signalling and level crossing protection
We also integrate specialist skills in mechanical, civil and other engineering disciplines to offer our customers turnkey design, construct and maintenance packages.
Our key capabilities include:

  • Feasibility studies and conceptual design
  • Requirements capture and systems engineering
  • Project management and project engineering
  • System design
  • Signalling design
  • Wide range of railway signalling solutions and integrated transportation systems
  • Preparation of formal signalling design and submission it to the customer
  • Producing of schematic plans, interlocking and control circuits design
  • Train control system design
  • Telecommunication system design
  • Manufacturing design
  • Onboard systems design, prototyping and installation
  • Signalling design automation
  • Information system design and support

Wabtec Control Systems UK is an efficient railway engineering consultancy with a specialization in UK signalling for Mainline, Metro and Light Rail systems   WCS UK previously AM Rail Group (Trading as A M Signalling Design Ltd) has been rebranded following the Wabtec acquisition in 2016. The company continues to successfully delivered Turnkey signalling projects using IRSE licenced staff for the UK and other global markets. WCS UK has the capacity to undertake signalling work at every stage of a project, from feasibility studies to detailed design, certification, testing and commissioning in the UK and beyond. Our work to date includes many Network Rail projects from NR GRIP 3 to 8. We work with leading signalling companies around the world, including Alstom, Amey, ARUP, Infrasig and Thales. Our main headquarters is located in Birmingham, UK and we have a global design office in Hyderabad, India allowing us to offer efficient signalling services across a wide range of delivery models.”