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Air/Hydraulic HP

Wabtec weight-saving HP-type Disc Brake Actuators use air pressure over hydraulic fluid for dependable braking force, improved response time and low air consumption. The hydraulic system utilizes the same design functions and features as the HP-type Tread Brake Unit.

Wabtec Corp Maritime Power AMPS Industrial products

Alt. Maritime Power (AMPS)

TransTech provides alternative maritime power solutions for the port industry. These solutions allow large container vessels to gain their electrical power via a connection to power supplies at the port.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company AMIII


The AMIII bogie became operational in 1998 and conforms to UIC, UK Rail Group and TSI standards. The AMIII can therefore replace conventional bogies and may be used to upgrade older wagons.
Compared to the UIC standard bogie (Y25), the AMIII has improved damping, radical wheel steering and a stiff H-frame.
This results in the following advantages: Low track forces producing low bogie wear and reduced maintenance

  • Track friendly - low track wear
  • Freight friendly - low vertical acceleration
  • High speed of 140 KPH
  • Produces less noise than conventional bogies - 6 decibels
  • High axle loads of up to 30 tonnes - anticipating future axle-loads allowances

The AMIII is currently operating successfully in the UK and Finland.
Why choose Axiom Rail suspension systems?

  • Low maintenance costs
  • High axle loads
  • Low noise
  • High speeds
  • Freight friendliness
  • Track friendliness...
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Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company AMIII Broad Gauge

AMIII Broad Gauge

The AMIII Broad Gauge bogie was designed to meet the demands of 25 tonne axle load requirements in Finland.
The design is based on a low profile axle motion bogie with some features that have been uniquely developed for operations in cold climates.
The design allows for passive steering of the wheelsets so that they are able to take up a radial alignment when the bogie travels through track curves. Rubber elements incorporated into the suspension arrangement permit the wheelsetsn to move in a controlled manner relative to the bogie frame whilst maintaining dynamic stability.
The bogie features a two-stage friction damped suspension system, vertical suspension is provided by helical steel coil springs, whilst lateral movements use a “swing link principle”.
The suspension movements are damped in both the vertical and lateral directions by a double chevron wedge system.
AMIII advantages:

  • 25tonnes axle...
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Wabtec Corp Analog Speed Indicator Locomotive

Analog Speed Indicator

This solid-state speed indicator maintains a traditional analog presentation, yet incorporates the accuracy of microprocessor control allowing constant display accuracy to be maintained. It is designed for the harsh and rugged environments of locomotives and other rail vehicles. Our analog indicator is interchangeable with the electrical connections and mounting brackets of older analog models, which makes this unit a convenient and economical replacement. Available in base-mount or console mount models. Options available include a wide variety of speed scales, an odometer as well as multiple speed controlled relay outputs.

Wabtec Corp Angle Cock Locomotives

Angle Cock

  • Designed for application to the ends of the brake pipe on each car
  • Provides a means for closing the brake pipe as on the end of the last car of a train and for the attachment of the brake pipe hose which permits the brake pipe to be connected between coupled cars
  • The handle is designed to lock in both open and closed positions

Dynaball brake pipe end cock, angle cock

Angle Cocks

Wabtec offers Dynaball brake pipe end cocks, angle cocks, and dirt collector cutout cocks.

  • Wabtec offers angle cocks with a Teflon-coated ball to provide smooth, effortless hand movement
  • Rubber seals within Wabtec's angle cocks are self-lubricating, self- cleaning and self-adjusting to reduce leakage and can be replaced quickly
  • The cock provides a means for the manual closing of the brake pipe, as on the end of the last car of a train consist, and the continuation of the brake pipe between coupled cars by the connection of an attached brake hose assembly

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Automatic Pantograph Measurement System

Wabtec Industrial Products Armature Coils

Armature Coils

Swiger Coil offers a variety of form wound armature coils for DC motors. Over the last 40 years, we've manufactured coils for over 7000 different motors, and can often set a budgetary price based on nameplate information alone. Our quick lead times can have your order ready in as little as two days and we offer a variety of shipping options to get the coils into your shop fast.

Automated Single Car Test Device ASCTD Calibration Kit

ASCTD Calibration Kit

  • Available for purchase to maintain ASCTD calibration as required

Wabtec Positive Train Control Products PTC Cut-Out Switch

Asy Cut-Out Switch

  • Cut out I-ETMS® from penalty brake, emergency brake and horn
  • Tamper-evident seals

Wabtec Transit Car Products Athena Controller

Athena Controller

Wabtec designed the Athena controller to meet demanding specifications for operational safety and long life.  Ideal for UIC or EN 15595-compliant wheel slide protection applications, Athena is designed for all passenger rail environments.  In addition to wheel slide, the modular design can also be configured for brake control and other systems where reliable computing is required.

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Auto Dropping Device

Pan carbon damage auto drop system

Wabtec Corp Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE)

Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE)

Bach-Simpson™ Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE) provides a combination of automatically sequenced and manually selected electrical signal stimulation to an electronic unit under test. The system simulates the normal and threshold operational ranges of each of the inputs and communication channels of the test unit. The BTE utilizes an electronic control system based on a PC computer mounted inside a portable metal "rack" enclosure, with a touchscreen interface to allow the user to select appropriate testing procedures.
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Automated Single Car Test Device ASCTD Freight Products

Automated Single Car Test Device

Wabtec offers an Automated Single Car Test Device for 4-Port and traditional end of car testing. The ASCTD offers significant time and cost savings compared to the traditional way single car tests are performed manually. It’s scalable to accommodate future upgrades including ECP testing and its fundamental accuracy in air brake testing improves the road reliability of every car tested.

  • AAR approved single car test device
  • Hand held user interface
  • Compliant with AAR Specification S-4027
  • Capable of running both an end of car test or the 4-Port enhanced test
  • The efficient 4-Port system provides a precise method for testing freight car air brakes while requiring only half the time of the conventional manual test, and provides a far more comprehensive test
  • Greatly improves the accuracy of testing the car brake system by providing a documented record of the results and reduces costly misdiagnosis and the erroneous...
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Wabtec Products Auto Ground Protection Relay Reset (AGPRR)

Automatic Ground Protection Relay Reset (AGPRR)

The Automatic Ground Protection Relay Reset or AGPRR, is designed to provide an automatic means of resetting a locomotive Ground Protection Relay (GPR) under temporary fault conditions, and to lock the GPR out when the fault is of a more permanent nature and might be potentially damaging to the locomotive electrical system. The device is designed for protection against electrical transients, and for stability under wide operational temperature ranges and input voltages.

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Automatic Pantograph Measurement System

Automatic Pantograph Measurement System

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Automatic Switched Phase Breaks

Automatic switched phase breaks

Wabtec Freight Products AV Cable reels

AV Cable Reels

The professional industrial cable reels for medium and heavy-duty applications. The AKAPP standard range of spring driven cable reels are fitted with wide drums and flange mounting. The modular concept allows a great number of combinations covering most common requirements. The spring reels are strong (e.g. in stainless steel) and well designed in order to guarantee the highest reliability even in difficult applications.