Comprised of Wabtec Rubber Products, Durox Company, Longwood Elastomers and MTC (Metalocaucho), the Wabtec Elastomers Group specializes in manufacturing custom elastomeric components for critical applications across a wide range of markets. The group supplies unique, cost-efficient rubber, fabric-reinforced, metal-bonded, molded phenolic and thermoset solutions through diverse manufacturing processes, capabilities and value-added services. Its nine strategically located manufacturing facilities provide access to customers around the globe. The Wabtec Elastomers group plays an active role from initial product design, through prototyping, quality testing to parts production and end-of-program cycle management.
Elastomer Processing

  • Custom Molding
  • Mandrel Wrapping
  • Custom Extruding
  • Calendering

Elastomer Bonding

  • Rubber-to-Fabric
  • Rubber-to-Metal
  • Rubber-to-Phenolic

Engineering Support

  • Custom Compounding
  • Process & Design Analysis
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Rapid Prototyping

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