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AB Valve Mounting Gaskets

  • Service Portion Gasket
  • Emergency Portion Gasket

Wabtec Air Brake Valve Repair Kits for Freight Cars

Air Brake Valve Repair Kits

  • ABD
  • ABDX
  • ABDX Vibration Upgrades

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Cylinder Packing Cups

Brake Cylinder Packing Cups

  • ABU Freight Car Brake Cylinders (New Nitrile Rubber Compound)

    - 8 1/2" and 10" sizes



Chevrons offer a wide range of stiffness combinations and easy assembly conditions.

Wabtec Corp Transit Products Conical Spring

Conical Spring

This kind of solution consists of two conical rubber springs that are responsible for providing flexibility in vertical, longitudinal and lateral directions. With an annual production volume of over 50,000 units, Wabtec's conical springs are currently running in hundreds of projects all over the world.

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Custom Rubber Solutions

  • As a railway industry leader, Wabtec can custom engineer solutions to meet your needs
  • Wabtec's team has expertise in new product development, Patent Law, Computer Aided Design, and analysis

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Extruded Rubber Capabilities

  • Box Car Door Gaskets
  • Trough Cover Gaskets

Wabtec Hog Paddles

Hog Paddles

Longwood Elastomers combines decades of experience and development with proprietary rubber formulations to deliver products that achieve superior performance. As the world's leading manufacturer of hog scrapers and polishing whips, we offer an extensive range of specially designed scrapers and whips for all dehairing purposes in small, mid-range and large slaughter lines.
Our scrapers stand up to the toughest jobs and are durable enough to extend replacement cycles. These paddles are specially designed and formulated of the highest quality rubber and fabric compounded materials to effectively extend length of service. The rubber construction stands up to high temperatures and delivers the superior hygiene required in food processing.
Longwood offers a high quality standard line of scrapers, as well as the PremiumStar which is designed to handle the most punishing of applications.

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Marine Fenders

Longwood marine fenders are found in applications ranging from piers, docks, dolphins and other harbor structures, to tugs, barges, ferries and similar hard working vessels subject to frequent and severe impact.
Our marine fenders are available in a range of rubber compounds to meet the most demanding service conditions. We supply products that provide increased resistance to oil, chemicals, weather, ozone, severe loads, grinding impacts and temperature extremes.

  • Effective Absorption of High Energy Impacts
  • Low Cost Installation & Maintenance
  • Environmentally Tailored Compounds

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Pump Diaphragms (Standard Line)

Longwood pump diaphragms are produced from the highest quality materials and precision molds to ensure a long service life for this “heart valve” of the diaphragm pump. Longwood rubber/fabric-reinforced and thermoplastic (TPE) pump diaphragms offer a combination of performance and economic benefits including superb flex fatigue resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, and good temperature resistance. Increased flex life results in less downtime, lower maintenance costs and lower replacement costs for the pump user.
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Wabtec westinghouse air brake Locomotive Products Rubber Parts Kits Draft Gear

Rubber Parts Kits

  • 26L equipment
  • NC-391 locomotive draft gear

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Screen Cloth Protectors

Screen Cloth Protectors

Longwood “Edge Guard” all-rubber stripping is designed to protect vibrating shaker screens in classifiers.

  • Increases shaker screen life by isolating metal-against-metal abrasion and absorbing the shock and noise of impact as materials fall on the screen and pass through.
  • Prevents excessive wear and noise from abrasion caused by screen cloth rubbing against the frame.
  • Easy installation reduces downtime.
  • The resiliency of rubber helps to secure the screen cloth firmly in place.

In addition to high resistance to abrasion, weathering and aging, Longwood’s “Extra Life” Screen Cloth Protector features an extra thick wear for long service life, and extra long “legs” for a firmer grip to prevent twisting or slipping during operation.
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Tie Plates

  • Double Shoulder Plates
  • Hook Twin Tie Plates
  • Turnout Pocket Plates

Wabtec Freight Car Products TMX Brake Cylinder Packing Cups

TMX Brake Cylinder Packing Cups

7", 8" and 9 1/4" packing cup sizes

Diesel Locomotive Engine Traction Motor Covers

Traction Motor Covers

Duroguard Seals are designed to keep out snow, water, dirt and protect from overhaul to overhaul. Because there is no loss of air, maximum air goes through the engine.

  • Resists oil and ozone
  • Flexible from 50°F below to 245°F (snap off old / snap on new)
  • Covers and seals available as one
  • Prevents flash overs
  • Motors are cleaner and run cooler
  • Durox offers New and Repair & Return traction motor covers only, as well as complete assemblies
  • Choose from rubber or felt gasket seals

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Trough Cover Gaskets

  • Box Car Door Gaskets
  • Trough Cover Gaskets

wabtec westinghouse air brake Train Locomotive Products Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

  • For cab windows, doors, and number boards
  • Prevents moisture and air from entering the locomotive
  • Made from EPDM material for long-term use
  • A full range of in-line sections for body panel thickness 1/16" to 3/4", glass thickness 1/16" to 3/4"
  • A full range of off-line sections for body panel thickness 1/16" to 1?4", glass thickness 3/16" to 9/16"
  • Self lock and separate lock applications