About Us

In 2011, Wabtec Corporation placed strong emphasis on its European brakes and doors activities in establishing a European Headquarter with Wabtec Europe in the south of Vienna, Austria.
Today Wabtec is well represented on the European railway markets with our companies, just to mention a few: Wabtec Poli, Wabtec Vapor, Wabtec MZT, Wabtec Poland, Becorit, Mors Smitt, Cofren and Wabtec Rail Limited in UK.
The establishment of Wabtec Poland in Warsaw in the year 2013 is a natural consequence of our success in Europe and plays an important role to achieve our objectives. Through its numerous subsidiaries, Wabtec manufactures and supplies products for locomotives, freight cars and passenger transit vehicles (rail/bus) for original equipment and aftermarket usage. Wabtec also builds new locomotives up to 4,000 horsepower and is also specialized in aftermarket services.Our targets and strengths characterize and distinguish us from others.
We focus on customer orientation, understanding the demands, helping to choose the best technical solutions, implementation into the train and aftermarket support. Wabtec Europe has implemented a “Maintenance Network” with selected, qualified maintenance shops covering strategic European rail corridors=Wabtec Maintenance Alliance”.  We are convinced about the high quality of our products and foresee a rapid increase of the demand in several countries. The perfect mix of experienced personnel, flexibility and highly technically innovative products ensure our success and will be an asset for international car builders.
Reliable. Sustainable. Secure.
This is not only Wabtec Europe´s slogan and philosophy but our intention.