Wabtec Locomotive Products Digital Pressure Panel

Digital Pressure Panel

  • Low cost, easy to install digital duplex gauge with expansion capabilities
  • Ports in the back, allowing quick and easy calibration checks without removing the pressure display from the locomotive
  • Easy to read values for main reservoir, equalizing reservoir, brake pipe and brake cylinder
  • Low power consumption and the ability to measure pressure ranges from 0-200 psi with a resolution of 1psi
  • 100% compatible...
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Wabtec Freightmaster End of Car Center Car Cushioning Devices

Freightmaster End of Car and Center Car Cushioning Devices

Wabtec offers end of car and center car cushioning devices and reconditioning services.

  • A gas pre-charged hydraulic cushion unit for use in new cars or as a replacement for older units
  • Replacement for any existing cushioning system
  • M921B Certified unit for use in freight applications
  • Offering units certified to both M-921B...
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westinghouse air brake tech Locomotive Products FuelLink


  • Utilizes solid-state electronics and advanced pneumatics to determine locomotive fuel levels
  • Accurate to +/- one percent
  • Provides automatic fuel tank configuration while adding dynamic tag capabilities for the transfer of fuel level and other useful management information to wayside readers for collection
  • Internal diagnostics and use of the "bubble method" for calculating the fuel level increase the reliability and accuracy of the system
  • ...
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Wabtec locomotive products ICE Equipment

ICE Equipment

  • Offering the Rockwell Train Power Supply
  • Wabtec supports ICE equipment repairs

Wabtec Products Locomotive Cab Radio, Tri-Mode

Locomotive Cab Radio, Tri-Mode

Wabtec offers a narrowband (12.5KHz) and ultra narrowband (6.25KHz) AAR compliant Locomotive Cab Radio.

  • Meets FCC and AAR requirements for wide and narrowband channels
  • Meets future requirements for ultra narrowband (6.25KHz) using NXDNTM standard
  • Drop-in replacement for existing AAR clean cab radios, will fit in standard AAR clean cab radio rack
  • New Wabtec proprietary designed...
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Wabtec Locomotive LocoTemp Fan Controller System

LocoTemp Fan Controller System

  • LocoTemp (fan controller), Power/Interface Cable, Temperature Probe
  • Wabtec supports new builds and repairs

Wabtec Products Portable Locomotive Cab Radio, Tri-Mode

Portable Locomotive Cab Radio, Tri-Mode

  • Meets FCC and AAR requirements for wide and narrowband channels
  • Meets future requirements for ultra narrowband (6.25KHz) using NXDNTM standard
  • Pre-programmed with ARR channel plan
  • New Wabtec proprietary designed power supply for locomotive voltage operation
  • Microphone handset included
  • 512 available channels
  • Backlit 14 character display with customizable text...
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Wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive products RM-160 Monitoring System

RM-160 Monitoring System

  • Basic system includes RM-160 modem, 160MHz radio, DC/DC Power converter (either 12VDC/12VDC or 24VDC/12VDC), Communication Cables
  • Wabtec supports RM-160 for new builds, narrowband upgrades, and repairs

Wabtec locomotive train products Ultrasonic Fuel Monitor

Ultrasonic Fuel Monitor

Eliminate the maintenance cost of your traditional bubbler system by switching to Wabtec Global Services ultrasonic fuel measurement solution!

  • Wabtec Global Services now offers a low cost turnkey solution to convert your bubbler fuel measuring system to an ultrasonic fuel measuring system
  • Through Wabtec Global Services' ultrasonic fuel measuring system which does not require air, you can eliminate airline and fuel...
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