Wabtec Locomotive products One Piece Molded Fan

One Piece Molded Fan

  • Simplified design
  • Higher cooling efficiency
  • Virtually indestructible

wabtec global locomotive products Brake Application Valve

P-2-A Brake Application Valve

Safety device that causes a penalty full service brake application when initiated by over speed control or safety control systems.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive products Rapid Unloader

Rapid Unloader

  • Vents intercooler pressure in under 2 seconds
  • Prevents motor stalls by removing air load when starting
  • Eliminates manual intercooler draining procedure
  • 75 watt heater to protect against freeze-ups

Wabtec locomotive products Rotary Screw Air Cooled Compressor

Rotary Screw Air Cooled Compressor

  • Compact unit
  • Various motor voltages
  • Spin-on oil filter and separator cartridge
  • High temperature protection
  • Start/stop or continuous operation
  • Encapsulated air end
  • High efficiency inlet filter
  • Combination oil/aftercooler

Wabtec Locomotive Products Thermostatic Controlled Intercooler

Thermostatically Controlled Intercooler (TCIS™)

3CD™ Compressor Upgrades

  • Designed for motor driven compressors that operate start/stop
  • Eliminates water condensate in oil by maintaining a stable intercooler temperature

wabtec westinghouse air brake  Locomotive Train products Vaporid™ Air Dryer

Vaporid™ Air Dryer

  • Provides an effective, reliable method to remove water, oil, aerosols, and line debris from train-line air
  • Clean, dry air is essential to achieve long life for air brake systems and all related pneumatic equipment onlocomotives and cars
  • Twin tower design provides continuous drying
  • Borosilicate coalescing filter reduces debris and oil aerosols (that can clog the desiccant) for increased dryer life
  • Pre-measured easy-change desiccant bags mean less downtime
  • Potted sealed solid state electronics are weather resistant for reliable operation
  • Electronics Control Package is equipped with a memory function, allowing the dryer to operate when thecompressor is loaded thereby conserving air
  • Electrical options include 24, 37.5, 74, and 110 VDC, with other voltages available
  • Humidity indicators are located on both towers to ensure that each is functioning properly
  • Thermostatically controlled high power heaters for...
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wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive train VX Vent Valve

VX Vent Valve

  • Enhanced venting capacity results in increased emergency transmission speeds at lower brake pipe pressures
  • Self purging exhaust valve and improved corrosion resistant design promotes more reliable operation long term