Air Reservoirs

Air Reservoirs

Reservoirs with various volumes, dimensions and connections according to EN and AAR norms. Technical characteristics are in accordance with regulations for high-pressure vessels. EN norms air reservoirs are CE certified.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Cylinders UIC type

Brake Cylinders UIC Type

Standard brake cylinder (BC), in accordance with UIC 542 criteria, in following dimensions: 8"", 10"", 12"", 14"", 16"" with free or fixed piston rod. Option-tropical version. All brake cylinder of UIC type are TSI approved.

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Brake Frame and Brake Panels

Brake Frame and Panels are mainly used on locomotives, EMU's, DMU's and coaches. There are several types of brake frames and panels for different applications. They provide easy manipulation, diagnostics, perceptive display and good protection of atmospheric, as well as other influences. The panels are made of aluminum plates by gluing.

Brake control train freight locomotive parts

Change-Over Mechanism

ON/Off brake control change-over devices switch on and off the complete brake system and are mechanically linked to the distributor and other valves.  Brake type change-over devices are used to set the desired brake type in vehicles with several available brake types. This device is located on both sides of the wagon.

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Change-Over Mechanism

Brake type change-over devices are used to set the desired brake type in vehicles with several available brake types. This device is located on both sides of the wagon.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Change-Over Mechanism

Change-Over Mechanism

The empty- ½ load - load over device is used on freight cars with 3-stage load controlled braking.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Coupling Hoses

Coupling Hoses

Coupling hoses with heads for brake and main pipe and with connecting threads of 5/4". Technical characteristics are according to UIC specifications. Coupling hoses are TSI certified

Wabtec Freight Car Products Distributor Valve

Distributor Valve

Distributor valve type MH 3f HBG 310 /..., UIC and TSI approved, is the most vital device for control of freight, passenger wagons, DMU, EMU and special vehicles. Commanding part of distributor valve MH 3f HBG 310 assembled with additional relay valve as a whole makes following distributor valve type: - MH 3f HBG 310 / 200 with three stage relay valve and mechanical change over device "empty - ½load - load".

Wabtec Corporation Freight Products End Cocks

End Cocks

End cocks with connecting threads of 1" and 5/4" and operating pressure up to 10 bar. Handle is kept in one of its rest position pressed by a special spring mechanism. Its technical characteristics are fully conforming UIC specifications. End cocks are TSI certified.

westinghouse air brake technologies corporation company Integrated Bogie Brake

Integrated Bogie Brake

Integrated Bogie Brake type IBB 10 is the patented Bogie Brake designed for freight wagon application. It is the lightest brake solution on the railway market so far. This design enables easy assembly and disassembly of each component separately, which is a big advantage taking into consideration overhauling and maintenance of the system. The assembly of IBB 10 is located between the bogie wheels and it fits to the standard interfaces of Y25 bogie family. Its function is to provide equal braking force application simultaneously on four wheels. The design is based on the use of a brake cylinder as an executive unit with hand brake application and two double-acting slack adjusters for automatic gap regulation between all four wheels and brake shoes.

Wabtec westinghouse air brakes Freight Car Products Release Mechanism

Release Mechanism

Release mechanism for the automatic release of the brake system.

Wabtec Corp westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Slack Adjusters

Slack Adjusters

Slack adjuster for the brake rigging systems can be built-in in all types of railway vehicles. It is a device, which by automatic pay out i.e. take up maintains a constant distance between the brake shoes and the wheels. - RSP 2A and RSP 3A, double-acting, with take up from 200 to 600 mm for all types of railway vehicles. All slack adjusters are TSI approved.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive products Tread Brake Unit

Tread Brake Unit

TBU (Tread brake unit) is a pneumatic- mechanical unit for brake application on wheel. It can be permanently fixed on to bogie frame or freely mounted (floating attachment) with a possibility of double action upon wheel (type BCRT, BCRK). In dependence of needed output force Tread brake units can be adjusted. Unit is made without hand brake (HB).

Wabtec Freight Car Products Blocks brake control freight wagons

UB Blocks

Different types of UB blocks are compact units designed for brake control on freight wagons. All pneumatic control elements such as: distributor valve MH, working chamber, ON/OFF cock and one or two load relay valves AKR are mounted on a central brackets type SK 1 or SK 3. Fitting of other types or relay valves D10 or electric valves is possible by modifying the supporting brackets. Three basic types exist: UB AK 1 designed for freight wagons in "S" regime