Wabtec Railway Electronics (WRE), owned by Westinghouse Air Brake Company, located in Germantown, Maryland and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a state-of-the-art engineering oriented company that designs, develops, manufactures and repairs innovative, efficient, safe, reliable, easy to use, high quality advanced electronic products designed to increase railroad operational savings and improve safety. 
Products include: 

  • FastBrake locomotive electronic air brake systems
  • Cab control units, event recorders
  • VideoTrax on-board and data recording systems, monitoring and control systems
  • End-of-Train (EOT) systems, Head-of-Train (HOT) systems
  • Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) braking systems
  • TrainLink (TLK) communication systems
  • Positive Train Control (PTC)/Electronic Train Management Systems (ETMS)
  • Dispatch systems
  • Signal engineering and construction services

The 80,000 square foot Westinghouse Air Brake Technology Center in Germantown is an office and manufacturing facility that employs approximately 400 people.  This is a center for research and development for pneumatics and electronics.  The facility houses a railcar test rack, designed to develop the integrated brake solutions of the future.  The rack simulates the piping, valves and airbrake equipment of a 150-car test rack and boosts Wabtec’s total combined capacity to 400 cars which is the largest in the world.
All of our new products undergo stringent and comprehensive in-house tests under the most diverse and severe environmental conditions.  Products then enter field verification and, finally, market introduction within the U.S. and internationally.