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End of Train Device

Wabtec Positive Train Control Products PTC Cut-Out Switch

Asy Cut-Out Switch

  • Cut out I-ETMS® from penalty brake, emergency brake and horn
  • Tamper-evident seals

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Commlink II

Commlink II

Wabtec’s Communication Manager, Commlink II, provides IP routing and communication management functions.

  • Host for additional applications such as:
        – ITC application gateway
        – Event recorder download
        – Video recorder health
        – Fuel reporting
        – Health monitoring
  • Card-file architecture provides flexibility
        – Mobile access router
        – General purpose computer
  • Fully qualified for locomotive environment
  • Shared components with I-ETMS® TMC simplifies logistics management
  • Core system comprised of processor module, router / switch module (RSM), cellular modems, and GPS receiver

Wabtec Positive Train Control Products Cut-Out Cabinet

Cut-Out Cabinet

Convenient mounting for TMC in retrofit applications

Wabtec Locomotive Products Data Analysis Program

Data Analysis Program III (DAS III)

  • Builds upon Wabtec Railway Electronics trusted suite of data analysis tools to provide a method of decompressing, processing, and analyzing data downloaded from supported solid state event recorders
  • It displays data in 'timeline' based graphs and tables, and allows users to quickly scan for events of interest
  • DAS III has all the features of previous versions, reorganized and presented in an efficient and intuitive layout

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Dual Mode End of Train Device

Wabtec Power Supply for Locomotives

ECP 230VDC Trainline Power Supply

The 230VDC Trainline Power Supply converts the Locomotive Battery Voltage to the 230 VDC power required to operate the ECP devices. The power supply also provides the 24VDC output used for sequencing ECP compliant cars and locomotives.

  • Interfaces directly to the locomotive inverter output and EIU
  • 74VDC to 230VDC conversion for trainline power
  • 24 VDC for sequencing cars and locomotives
  • Over current protection
  • Trainline polarity matching

Wabtec Locomotive Market Products Cab Display Unit

ECP Cab Display Unit

The CDU is a proprietary graphical interface to an ECP/WDP system. The interface communicates directly with the NIU-II and is used as a MMI between the user and the ECP/WDP System.

  • Connects to the NIU-II and CDU
  • Graphical color display
  • Soft keys to receive user input
  • Audible alarm output



Mounts on the wagon. The trainline provides the CCID power and brake commands. The CCID in turn provides power to the ECP manifold and smart devices like empty load or handbrake. The CCID intercepts and acknowledges the trainline messages and sends brake commands the ECP manifold. The CCID has a battery backup for situations where ECP power is off; ECP can continue normal operations for up to 4 hours.

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ECP End of Train Device

Wabtec Freight Car Products ECP Hand Brake

ECP Hand Brake

  • 9300-ECP, 9300-3ECP, 4493-ECP, 4493-3ECP
  • AAR Group N and O
  • Allows locomotive ECP logic to query for set brakes at any time
  • Works in ‘ECP Run’ or ‘ECP Switch” modes with no operational impact on communication bus loading
  • Car ECP logic instantaneously sends warnings to the locomotive ECP display when the handbrake is applied and the Train Brake
  • Command transitions to 0%
  • Integrates to Wabtec’s “CarNet” onboard ECP Wagon Communication system
  • Provides a path for ECP controlled parking brakes

Wabtec Westinghouse Railway Electronics ECP Inter-Car Cable

ECP Inter-Car Cable

The ECP Inter-Car Cable and Lanyard is used to connect the 230VDC Trainline between ECP wagons and locomotives. The cable meets or exceeds the environmental specifications defined in AAR S-4210. In addition to S-4210, the connector design has improved sealing of the trainline electrical connections. This connector performs electrically to depths of 0.7 m of water submersion. This inter-car cable uses a twist action to mate and unmate the trainline connection between wagons. This is more ergonomic and a safer connecting method. When in operation, the cable and lanyard lengths are specified to pull apart prior to the brake pipe separating to initiate an ECP Emergency.

Wabtec Locomotive Products ECP Interface Unit

ECP Interface Unit

The EIU directly interfaces with the ECP 230 VDC Trainline power supply. The EIU is directly connected to the NIU-II and also acts as a gateway between the NIU-II and Trainline Network to allow HEU/LCM messages to be passed between the Trainline network devices and the NIU-II.
NOTE: The previous Locomotive ID (LID) functionality is now integrated into the cable between the EIU and NIU-II. This cable has an integrated static memory for maintaining the Locomotive Static parameters specific to each customer application.

  • Interfaces directly to the Trainline Power Supply and NIU-II
  • Discrete 74 VDC I/O
  • PCS Relay (NO & NC operation)
  • Power Supply Controller Logic
  • ECP Trainline Interface for NIU-II

Wabtec locomotive products Junction Box

ECP Junction Box

The junction boxes are installed on the front and back of each ECP locomotive. The J-Box allows the locomotive to be connected to an adjacent locomotive or car/wagon. The junction box also provides a HeadEnd Termination (HET) Plug to terminate the Trainline.

  • Located at end of locomotive
  • BIW end sill connectors protect car/locomotive permanent wiring

Wabtec Freight Car Products ECP Manifold - Overlay

ECP Manifold - Overlay

Mounts on a conventional or single sided air brake pipe bracket, replacing the pneumatic service portion, and provides pneumatic control and sensor functions. The manifold connects to the conventional mechanical manual release rod.

ECP Manifold – Standalone

ECP Manifold – Standalone

Mounts on a conventional or single sided air brake pipe bracket, replacing the pneumatic service portion. It provides electronic control of the brakes on wagons. The manifold connects to the conventional mechanical manual release rod.

Wabtec ECP Network Interface Unit (NIU-II)

ECP Network Interface Unit (NIU-II)

  • HEU/LCM Application Software
  • Multiple LSI Interfaces for communications to industry standard locomotive systems
  • Ethernet interface for connection to data loggers and other locomotive systems
  • 2 x 4-20mA inputs for external sensors
  • Discrete 74VDC I/O for external control/monitoring
  • Frequency Input for Axle Speed Sensors

Wabtec ECP Single Car Test

ECP Single Car Test

Used to commission or debug ECP wagons. Capable of performing ECP brake tests, ECP electrical tests, static data setup and confirm software versions on ECP equipment. The user interface to the ECP Single Car Test is a Windows laptop.

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ECP-4200 Freight Car Braking System

Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brake System

  • Wabtec's field-proven ECP braking solutions are AAR-approved under S-4200 series specifications
  • ECP options include an overlay to conventional AAR pneumatic brake equipment and a stand-alone ECP manifold
  • Allows for simultaneous brake applications, with shorter stopping distances
  • Graduated release of brakes
  • Supports increased carload capacity and higher average speeds
  • Lowers in-train forces and fuel consumption
  • Reduces wheel wear
  • Application with pneumatic emergency or vent valve
  • Mechanical manual release valve
  • Single and multi-pack car configurations
  • Extended battery life
  • Rugged end-of-car connector
  • Pneumatic emulation options
  • Supports "smart car" sensors

Wabtec Freight Car Products End of Car Connector

End of Car Connector, with ECP Trainline Cable

Provides termination to the intercar connector cable