About Us

Wabtec Russia is a company of Wabtec Corporation which represents value-added technology-based products and services of all Wabtec business units in the territory of 1520 mm gauge railways.
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation office in Russia was opened in 1898 with 750 people employed. George Westinghouse was a Chairman. In 1898 Westinghouse’s brakes were installed in 1525 locomotives and in 8106 cars.
For the second time a Representative Office of Corporation “Wabtec International Inc.” was established in Moscow in 2011 and successfully operates till present.
Nowadays Wabtec Russia proposes a range of products for locomotives, freight cars and passenger transit vehicles in accordance with Russian standards and norms.  
Wabtec Corporation and United Wagon Company (UWC),  one of the leaders in innovative railcar building in the territory of 1520 gauge, have signed a JV agreement to introduce the latest technology in heavy haul railway components into the Russian and CIS freight railroading market. The joint venture will develop and produce world class railcar products, including heavy haul railway components. The main consumers of the products will include the Tikhvin Car Building Plant as well as other railcar manufacturing and railcar repair companies.