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Communication Services

Xorail’s System Integration & Communications Group delivers seamless integration across cutting-edge voice & data communications systems, signaling systems, grade crossings, and train control & dispatch systems. Our signaling background enables us to do more for you, from conceptual design and communications architecture, to detailed plans, procurement, project management, testing, integration, commissioning, and full documentation.

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Construction Services

Our experienced construction teams can provide installation of your highway crossing or wayside signal project with on-site support personnel for in-service testing of equipment. Our inspectors and technicians can complete all required documentation for each unit, component, and system placed in service

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Engineering Services

At Xorail, we provide our clients with the necessary information to make feasibility, design, and estimating decisions throughout the course of a project. We were thefirst to introduce a completely electronic interactive survey data package to the railroad industry. The Electronic Interactive Survey is a state-of-the-art compilation of all the project information for a geographical location, including project plans, forms, maps, sketches, correspondence, and pictures related to a project. The Electronic Interactive Survey allows remote secure access to the most up-to-date project information without concern of version control that is required with traditional print and distribution updates. Access to this information is authorized only by the Client.

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E-Track Inspection System

  •  Keeping Track of your inspection
  • Easy FRA Inspection Test Management
  • Offline and Mobile Devices
  • Defect Remediation

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Management Services

Xorail has a cadre of signal personnel trained in project management techniques with extensive experience in their application to engineering and construction projects. These project managers coordinate efforts of every phase of a project, helping to unify the efforts of the customers, contractors, and subcontractors into one seamless process. In addition, Xorail project managers coordinate the efforts of the surveying and estimating departments. The project manager compiles the costs for each department associated with the entire project, then prepares cost analysis and benefit statements so that the project may be approved. After project approval, the project manager helps coordinate the final design and sets timeline objectives for each phase of the project. The project manager is involved with design, distribution, construction, and installation in order to ensure quality throughout the entire project.

wabtec westinghouse air brake PTC Support

PTC Support

Wabtec offers a variety of PTC support services to assist customers with their PTC implementation.
PTC Support PTC Equipment Installation and Testing

  • Turn-key installation services by Wabtec trained and certified PTC installation technicians and validation testing to ensure successful on-board system installation

PTC Integration

  • Xorail’s approach to total systems integration consists of the preliminary field survey, design and verification, testing and installation, data management systems design and verification, total communication and office control systems, locomotive on board systems and final in-service commissioning

Field Support

  • PTC certified field service technicians dedicated to customer installation programs and on-board system commissioning as well as long term support for post-commissioning operations

Software Maintenance

  • To maintain consistency of the onboard design, performance, availability and reliability, WGS will provide software maintenance; which includes management of third party software upgrade and licenses, support, software patches and system enhancement services as released

Help Desk

  • 24/7 phone support to address field related problems, assist in troubleshooting field repair, and dispatch of field service resources


  • Spare parts inventory and pool stock management


  • Offering multiple service locations for repair and return of onboard PTC equipment, by qualified Wabtec technicians

Wayside Solutions

  • Wabtec offers a variety of wayside solutions, including preliminary surveys and engineering, digital circuit design, application software design, simulation and rack testing, strategic sourcing, bungalow wiring, factory acceptance testing, logistic material and data management, construction installation, in-service commissioning, and data application software and plan management

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  • Wayside Assets and Configuration management
  • Built in FRA test
  • In – process designs
  • Plan Management
  • PTC Data Management

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Track Data Management

In order for the I-ETMS System to traverse a route it needs to be aware of all the potential stop targets and operation rules on that route. A track database in the form of a SubDiv file provides the I-ETMS system with all the geographic geometry and attribution needed to identify stop targets and attributes. The track database also provides operating rules and speeds as additional information for the I-ETMS to determine the correct behaviors required for that route and track. Wabtec provides tools and services to create the track database and SubDiv file for the I-ETMS system. The intent of this document is to define the services we provide within the PTC space.

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Tracker - Project Management System

  • Keeping Track Of Your Projects
  • Managing Your Expenses
  • Easy Time Keeping and Utilization Measures
  • Business intelligence Reporting

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WAB - HELP - Engineering Helpdesk

  • Issue management
  • Predictive analysis

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  • Track Processor - Converts PTC DB into subdiv files
  • Track Editor
  • Track Chart
  • Track Difference
  • Route Validation too