Wabtec Products Commercial Vehicle Cooling Solutions

Commercial Vehicle Cooling Solutions

Integrated Cooling Systems for On-Highway and Off-Highway OEM Applications
Mechanical Bond Radiators, HI-FIN Oil Coolers, Charge Air Coolers 

westinghouse air brake technologies company Fuel Oil Pre-Heater

Fuel Oil Pre-Heater

  • Replaces EMD 9517269
  • Shell & tube styles
  • Brass tubes, headers, shell and end hubs
  • Cast iron end bonnets
  • Brass baffles
  • Steel mounting brackets
  • Non-asbestos nitrile rubber cellulose fiber

Wabtec Power Generation Products Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Fixed Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers
Available in Copper base alloy and Stainless Steel construction
Series F / HF / SSF / XRW

Wabtec Locomotive transit Products Jacket-Water Radiators

Jacket-Water Radiators

Young Touchstone’s Flat-Round® Mechanical Bond Radiator cores are your best choice for long service life and eliminating downtime. Young Touchstone begins construction with heavy copper fins; which resist damage and maintain consistent heat transfer. Flat, heavy wall, seamless brass tubes are used for proven reliability. Tubes are soldered to the fins to provide maximum performance. The tube ends are mechanically brought to a perfectly round shape then bonded to a heavy-duty steel header plate with Young Touchstone’s Mechanical Bond process. Young Touchstone’s unique bolted, deflection free side rails with patented expansion joints are added for strength and rigidity.
Replacement Cores are available as:

  • Single Length 6 Row - Part Number 01788 Replaces EMD - Part Numbers 3129131, 8206685, 8490482,9526642
  • Double Length 6 Row - Part Number 02190 Replaces EMD - Part Numbers 9504784, 9583760, 40017115
  • Triple Length 6 Row - Part Number...
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Wabtec Products Locomotive Cooling Solutions

Locomotive Cooling Solutions

Performance proven solutions in locomotive cooling systems.
Flat Round Mechanical Bond Technology
CuproBraze Technology

Wabtec Locomotive Products Mechanical Bond Aftercooler Core

Mechanical Bond Aftercooler Core

  •  Improved side frame design eliminates weld cracks and improves air flow through the core for greater cooling efficiency
  • Mechanically bonded 1/2” thick steel header joint
  • Copper tubes for better heat transfer
  • Tubes mechanically expanded into aluminum or copper fins for superior heat transfer

Wabtec Locomotive Products Mechanical Bond Lube-Oil Cooler

Mechanical Bond Lube-Oil Cooler

Box styles

  • Mechanically bonded ½” thick steel header joint
  • Copper tubes for better heat transfer
  • Tubes mechanically expanded into aluminum fins for superior bond, heat transfer performance and header joint strength compared to metallurgical bonds
  • Replacement oil cooler cores exceed OEM standards and are interchangeable with original equipment oil cooler cores on GP/SD18, GP/SD20, GP/SD24, GP/SD28, GP/SD30, GP/SD35, GP/SD38, GP/SD39, GP/SD40, GP/SD45, GP/SD50, and GP/SD60 locomotives

Wabtec Co power generation Industrial products Oil Coolers

Oil Coolers

Young Touchstone Air Cooled Oil Coolers with OSHA Guards provide efficient cooling for a wide variety of mobile and stationary power equipment.
OCS OCH MOC and HOCS models are available

Wabtec Industrial Power Generation Products Cooling Radiators


Cooling Solutions for Power Generation. Modular construction and assembly for exactly the radiator needed.
Flat Round Mechanical Bond or CuproBraze Technology for strong, more efficient cooling systems.
DS line of radiators.

Wabtec Industrial Power Generation Products Air Cooler

Remote Charge Air Cooler

Young Touchstone Remote CAC designs are available in 1.5 through 8 square foot configurations designed for mounting on the generator set sub-base in place of the normal gen-set mounted radiator.
Engine Turbocharger cooling
Mechanically bonded tube-to-header